07 July 2018

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Dr. Zakir Naik interview on fake news by Times Now, NDTV and ABP on his imaginary deportation

Ten Points Dr. Zakir Naik on fake news by Times Now, NDTV and ABP on his imaginary deportation

Dr. Zakir Naik interview on fake news by Times Now, NDTV and ABP on his imaginary deportation

Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik has slammed the Indian channels, namely Times Now, NDTV and ABP News, for broadcasting fake news on his deportation from Malaysia earlier this week. In an exclusive video recorded for Janta Ka Reporter, Dr Naik

In a video message exclusively sent to Janta Ka Reporter, the Islamic preacher sarcastically thanked Times Now, Republic TV, NDTV and ABP News for the fakes news on his deportation.

Important Points from the Dr. Zakir Naik Interview -

1-“I would like to thank Times Now channel, Republic TV, NDTV, ABP News and various other news channels and newspapers for publishing a false news against me, two days before on 4 July. Most of the Indian news channels and newspapers published and broadcast that Dr Zakir Naik has been arrested in Malaysia and he’s going to be deported tonight i.e. the night of 4 July. And now it’s been proved without any doubt that it was a fake news.”

2-“And to give authenticity to this fake news, Times Now even went to the extent of saying that the prime minister of India Narendra Modi, his main purpose to visit Malaysia was to deport Dr Zakir Naik.

3-NDTV even gave the name of the police officer, who told them that Dr Zakir Naik is going to be deported and later on they removed the name,”

4-ABP News went to the extend of saying that Zakir Naik will be in India in next 6-7 hours. This is how they sensationalize the issue and they make the reader and the viewer believe that it is a fact,” he said.

5- Now it is proved that it was the fake news, and last 2 years media is hounding me.

6- 1st of July 2016 there was a terrorist attack on Dhaka, 20 people died, one newspaper Daily star published article which said one of the terrorist was inspired by the Dr. Zakir Naik. After few days Daily Star withdraw that statement, accusation but still Indian media kept hounding me for last 2 years.

He ask the question why they do this?
Gives reason TRP or for financial gains.
Talks about Cobra post sting which shown that majority are ready to do anything for money.

In 2 years many articles were published all were fake, out of context. Very soon it will also get proven

9-Quran Reference and tells Check any information before passing on to others.

10- He said Allah says truth will prevail and falsehood perishes

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

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