27 June 2018

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Indian origin man Chand gets 20 month jail term for anti-Islam Twitter hate

Indian origin man Rhodenne Chand, from Finchley gets 20 month jail term for anti-Islam Twitter hate

A Birmingham man who posted 32 vile messages on social media site Twitter has been given a 20-month jail sentence after being convicted of stirring up racial hatred.
Rhodenne Chand, from Finchley Road in Kingstanding told officers he had been “venting” in the aftermath of the Manchester and London Borough Market terror attacks.
Some of the messages encouraged violence against Muslims and for mosques to be attacked − and in one Chand claimed he wanted to “slit a Muslim’s throat”.

A member of the public reported the twitter rant to police fearing the 31-year-old might carry through on his threats.
Some of the messages sent in June 2017 encouraged violence against Muslims and for mosques to be attacked. In one tweet Chand claimed he wanted to 'slit a Muslim's throat'.

Chand was charged with publishing threatening, abusive or insulting material intended to stir up racial hatred. West Midlands Police found Chand's rhetoric was threatening specifically towards Muslims.

Chand, who was arrested on June 17, 2017, admitted issuing the messages.

A specialist prosecutor assessed the case and determined the posts showed intent to stir up racial and religious hatred and that such “violent rhetoric can cause considerable harm once it is in the public domain”.

June 25, 2017 - Chand admitted the offence and appeared at Birmingham Crown Court where he was jailed for 20 months.

Superintendent Mat Shaer said police will not tolerate hate crime on social media. 'The law is careful to try and not penalise expression of opinion, even in strong and possibly offensive terms,' he said. 'But Chand’s tweets were a much baser expression of animosity towards a section of society and were totally unacceptable.'
'We take hate crime very seriously and anyone found to be stirring up hatred on the grounds of race, religion, sexuality, or disability could find themselves in court and facing a criminal conviction.'

India also need the similar law, which will help control the twitter rant against Muslims of India or any other religion or vice versa.

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rudraprayaga June 28, 2018  

True, India should also have such laws so that no community should abuse the rites and rituals of other communities.Violence-seekers don't think that ultimately everything ends up in a fatal breath.