21 April 2018

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BJP Yashwant Sinha quits BJP Read Important statements of Sinha against BJP

BJP Senior Leader Yashwant Sinha quits BJP Read Important  statements of Sinha against BJP

On saturday During an opposition rally in Patna Veteran politician and former Union minister Yashwant Sinha said "I end all my ties with the BJP," Unexpectedly Sinha announced his plan to exit BJP and made it clear that he will not be joining any other political party for the moment.

In past Sinha was very vocal and fearlessly spoke against BJP governemnt, PM Narendra Modi and their failures , again and again he highlighted failures of BJP in hope that BJP will improve.
But now finally Yashwant Sinha said bye bye to BJP.

Recently Sinha has launched a political platform 'Rashtra Manch' to take on the BJP government
the National Forum organisation’s Twitter handle quoted Sinha as saying. “I am going to dedicate the rest of my life to this mission. BJP, I RESIGN.”

ANI quoted - “Today I am taking “sanyas” from any kind of party politics, today I am ending all ties with the BJP,”

In Patna Sinha said “The biggest danger that the nation faces today is about the state and future of democracy,”

Popular Quotes, statements of Yashwant Sinha -

ATM No Cash – Sinha Said following - complete mismanagement" on the part of both the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government - "From the information which is tumbling out every day, it would appear that not only the crisis is widespread...the magnitude of the crisis is huge,"
the RBI did not have a backup plan to deal with such a situation.

Economy Year 2017 -
Sinha told to media that "There was a constant downfall in the economy but I did not speak. We cannot blame the previous government any more because we have been in power for 40 months and got full opportunity to correct things," He also advised the Modi government that if people like former prime minister Manmohan Singh and former finance minister P Chidambaram speak on the economy, it should listen to them.

Demonetisation -
Sinha said that the rich people did not suffer any hardships and it was the poor who stood in the queue and lost their lives.
Sinha compared Modi to the 14th-Century Sultan of Delhi, Mohammad bin Tughlaq. "There were many 'shahenshah' (emperors) who brought their own currency. Some even kept previous currency in circulation while introducing the new one. But, there was a shahenshah 700 years back, Tughlaq, who introduced his own (currency) while discontinuing the old currency," he said at a function in Ahmedabad. "Thus, we can say that demonetisation was done 700 years ago. Though Tughlaq is infamous for shifting his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad, he has also done demonetisation," Sinha had said.

Emergency -
Sinha compared the prevailing atmosphere in India to the Emergency in 1975-77. "Like the chief Justice of India in the Supreme Court, the prime minister is also first among equals in the government and his Cabinet colleagues should speak up,"
Meeting with PM Narendra Modi - Sinha said "I am hurt. I am absolutely hurt. That you ask for time, 10 months have gone by… Let me tell you, ever since I have been in public life, no prime minister of India, starting with Rajiv Gandhi, has ever said no to a meeting I have sought… no prime minister has said to Yashwant Sinha, ‘I don’t have time for you.’ And this is my own prime minister who has treated me like this,"

Jay Shah -
In October 2017, Sinha criticised the Centre for defending BJP chief Amit Shah's son Jay over allegations hurled against him Sinha said following -
"These were avoidable and should not have happened. The very special circumstances in which the additional solicitor general has been cleared to defend the concerned person also raises some issues and that was also to my mind avoidable. "Looking at all these, therefore, perhaps the high moral ground that we had occupied all these months and years somehow appears to have been lost,"

BJP Shatrughan Sinha told to media that There were rumours that I would quit the party because I had not been given the ticket. But, I am clarifying it today that I am here to stay & I am not going to go anywhere

I feel that in future  Shatrughan Sinha  will also quit BJP as he has no future in BJP Politics 

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Saturday,April 21, 2018

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