12 March 2018

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Rajasthan Police arrest 8 for waving black flags at PM Modi

Rajasthan Police arrest 8 for waving black flags at PM Modi

Rajasthan Police arrest 8 for waving black flags at PM Modi, Rajasthan CM’s rally

On Friday Rajasthan Police arrested 3 and on Saturday arrested 5 more people for allegedly waving black flags in a public meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Jhunjhunu on March 8, 2018

Police presented the arrested people in a local court on Saturday and sought a day’s custody.

Six of the arrested were given one day’s custody while two will be produced before a magistrate on Sunday as they were arrested late evening.

Police told to media that “They indulged in sloganeering, tried to uproot a barricading, and obstructed police personnel in discharging their duties,”

The arrested people have been booked under Section 147 (rioting), 186 (obstructing public servant in discharge of duty), Section 353 (assault to deter public servant), and Section 336 (act endangering life or safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code

During the meeting, as Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje got up to speak, a number of people in the crowd started hooting and waving black flags and banners. Raje continued her speech despite the protest.

The arrested are contractual workers on administrative posts in the National Health Mission department and have been demanding that they be made permanent employees. They had been trying to meet Vasundhara Raje for some time but were not given any appointment.

Once again this action of Police shows that in India we got different laws and rules for the poor citizens of India and rich class of India and a special different treatment for the cultural, political members of parties or organizations.

Police never arrest them when members of so called organizations beat the common citizens who are not part of any organization.

India needs to reform Indian Police Force which will work independently without fearing elected or nonelected politicians.

Is it a crime to show a black flag to CM or PM ?
No it is not crime , it is a fundamental right and one of the peaceful method to show that someone is unhappy with the government.
Black flags show that government is failing in their duty.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

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