09 March 2018

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Explained Andhra Pradesh TDP Ministers Resign for Special Status for AP

Explained Andhra Pradesh TDP Ministers Resign for Special Status for AP

TDP and BJP both are showing that they are fighting with each other, TDP is saying that BJP is not giving them a special status.

On Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu's demand for fulfilling the promise of giving the state a special status, Arun Jaitley said such a category did exist when the state was bifurcated in 2014. But after the implementation of the 14th Finance Commission recommendation, such a treatment is now constitutionally restricted to just the North Eastern and three hilly states.

TDP MPs Ashok Gajapathy Raju and YS Choudhary have resigned from their respective ministeries TDP will not be part of government but will continue to support NDA

To show that they are fighting, TDP ministers resigned but they said we are still friends.
As the two Union ministers conveyed their resignation to the Prime Minister, they also thanked him for giving the opportunity to work with them.
Raju in his resignation letter expressed gratitude towards the PM, while Choudhary said that he was thankful for the experience under the PM's guidance.
In the press conference Choudhary said: "I don't think it's fair on our part to expect PM to deal with these issues. It's for the concerned ministries to take up, already considerable amount of time has lapsed."

TDP MPs also refused to blame the PM for the current impasse as they said the relevant ministeries were responsible

BJP pulled out two of its ministers - Dr Kamineni Srinivas and Pydikondala Manikyala Rao - from the state cabinet, which is led by the TDP.

CM Chandra Babu Naidu now needs to dream about becoming a Prime Minister of India and should join third front and should work towards that.

Again special status for AP, my own belief is that TDP and BJP both are just doing the drama of fighting with each other fooling the residents of AP.

One should only take seriously TDP CM Chandrababu Naidu if he declares that he will fight against BJP and is a candidate for the post of PM.

But in reality nothing is going to happen and coming years will prove that it resigning from cabinet of BJP government everything was drama.

If Chandrababu Naidu really wants to show he is fighting with BJP he should take a divorce from BJP.

Just like Shiv Sena TDP is fighting with BJP on television and having dinner on table with each other.

Political parties got the right to say and promise anything to citizens of India, it is not compulsory for them to do what they promise, example Lokpal, Rs. 15 Lakh for each Indian, Special Status for AP etc.

Indians need to learn to ignore the manifesto released by political parties

Indians need to learn to listen to speeches of politicians as speeches given by comedians but should ignore those speeches and should find the facts, what is on the table, what is happening in state and road.

In 2019 opposition got the chance to win elections if they start preparing towards it otherwise without doing anything BJP is going to win 2019 elections in flying colors with majority.

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Friday, March 09, 2018

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Kirtivasan Ganesan March 11, 2018  

You have good understanding of behind the scenes drama and mechanics of politics.
Good gyan.