06 March 2018

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Beware of Airtel Life Service which Cheats Customers starts automatically

Beware of Bharati Airtel Life Service which Cheats Customers starts automatically

Below is my own experience which I am sharing with you to warn you so you will also deactivate Airtel LIFESTYLE service which starts automatically and customer gets cheated for Rs. 35

Airtel Life Style Service, the service starts automatically without taking a permission from customer and customer gets charged Rs. 35.

Few times this happened but I ignored because I did not knew how much balance is remaining.

But this time just 2 or 3 days back I recharged my Airtel Balance thus I know my balance is more than Rs. 120.

Now suddenly I received a message balance is remaining Rs. 79 and saw another message which said following, LIFESTYLE service has been renewed on your airtel Mobile@Rs.35 for 7 days. To deactivate, call or SMS Stop to 155223.

As I knew my mobile phone balance I realized that I got cheated for Rs. 35 then I called the airtel number and deactivated the service.

I am sharing this experience because we trust the companies and majority people do not know how much balance is remaining and we get cheated.

This time luckily I knew the balance amount and realize that I got cheated by Airtel Life Style service

If you are also an Airtel Prepaid Customer check your sms messages if you also find such message on your mobile phone, immediately call the 155223 number and deactivate the Life Style service which gets activated automatically and we lose Rs. 35.

If your friend or relative got the Prepaid Airtel Number warn them about this service called as LIFESTYLE Service.

When money is hard earned with honesty Rs. 1 is also equal to Rs. 1 billion so do not ignore that message deactivate that service and save Rs. 35.

If again this service starts on my mobile I will again share that experience with you.

Currently on my mobile phone I have deactivated LIFESTYLE Service.

Now just think if this service starts automatically on 1000 mobile phones how much profit Airtel will make?

Now this if this service starts automatically on 1 lakh mobile phones how much profit Airtel will make?

Below are the screen shots of Airtel LIFESTYLE service message informing about starting of service automatically.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

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Saurabh March 06, 2018  

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