20 February 2018

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PNB Scam Explained Why Nirav Modi will never go to jail

PNB Scam Explained Why Nirav Modi will never go to jail

Everyone knows that how PNB Scam happened but whatever may happen it is very difficult that CBI will able to prove in court of law that Nirav Modi committed any crime.

Why CBI will fail to send Nirav Modi behind bars?

CBI works under the guidance of political leadership. CBI don’t have their own mind.
Court correctly  said that CBI is nothing but a parrot of elected politicians. As per media reports Nirav Modi is closed to elected politicians. He was present in the Davos with PM Modi.
As a common citizen we cannot even meet the CM or PM but the person who can attend PM Modi function is sure shot very powerful person. I do not think CBI will ever act against Nirav Modi

Nirav Modi will say that He never visited PNB Branches.
NM will say that he never met PNB officials.

NM will say that he is owner of lots of stores, he keeps traveling all around the world.
As he is International businessman. He do not have time to check the account books. He just signs them

NM will say that I do not remember the transactions or signing any documents.
I am ready to pay back the loan amounts.

I am not guilty, my staff and PNB staff committed mistakes not fraud.

NM will say that we never paid any commission to any PNB official.

NM will file a defamation suit against PNB officials or media houses.

NM will never return to India as he has not committed any fraud.

For PNB scan PNB management is not responsible same way for the mistakes of Nirav Modi gems brand, Nirav Modi is not responsible.

From Year 2011, Modi got the special treatment from PNB staff and he always repaid the loan amounts.
It is not the concern of PNB or Government of India how he got the funds to repay PNB.

NM will say that we were ready to pay the loan amounts but because of misunderstanding PNB filed a police case. Now Brand got defamed and Modi Brand will become bankrupt thus there is no reason to repay the loan instead now PNB bank should pay the Rs. 11,000 Crore as defamation charges.

I NM never used the Swift password, I am not responsible for the mistakes committed by my staff. I have not signed any document, I do not know about the transactions or how the staff got the letter of credit.

The above is the beginning, CBI will find it very difficult to get back money from Nirav Modi or bring him back to India and send him behind bars.

One more intelligent Person took the benefit of loopholes of Indian banking system and left India happily and forever.

If Indian politicians do not fill the loopholes such crimes will keep happening always and politicians will keep blaming each other and fooling Indian citizens.

Now question to ask PM Modi is how he is going to fill the loopholes?

PNB scam is a failure of PNB Management, RBI and Finance Ministry and Auditors.
We can surely say that someone took the bribes and this is reason this scam happened.
We will never know in reality who took the bribes and allowed this scam to happen and kept it under carpet.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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