19 December 2017

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Important Facts BJP wins Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections 2017

Important Facts BJP wins Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections 2017
This elections improved the image of Rahul Gandhi

The Gujarat assembly election results show that the BJP has won a majority to form a government, but BJP got the lowest number of seats in the last two decades.

BJP Failed to achieve 150 seats reason Rahul Gandhi and his attack on BJP.

1-As per the Election Commission final tally, the BJP won 99 seats while the Congress put a strong fight by winning 77 seats in 182-member Gujarat assembly.

2- BJP defeated the Virbhadra Singh-led Congress government in the 68-member Himachal Pradesh assembly.

3-The BJP now rules in 19 states after wresting power from the Congress in Himachal

4-The BJP secured a record sixth straight victory in Gujarat assembly polls

5-Himachal Pradesh - There were 337 candidates in the fray for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017, including Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, who contested the polls from Arki in Solan district and former CM and BJP chief ministerial candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal, who contested from Sujanpur.

BJP chief ministerial candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal who contested from Sujanpur seat in Hamirpur district, lost to his Congress rival Rajinder Singh Rana by about 3,500 votes. With Dhumal’s defeat, the party is in search of a fresh chief ministerial face

6- BJP suffered electoral setbacks in Patidar-dominant areas of Saurashtra

Why Congress Party lost in both states Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh?

1-BJP social media is more powerful compared to Congress

2- BJP is more active on mobile also

3- Congress needs to find new faces

4- congress needs to do more hard work

5- only because of mistakes of congress, BJP is winning elections as India don’t have any other option vote for congress or BJP or no need to vote. NOTA is toothless and paper trail vote has no importance.

6- Hard work of PM Modi, his speeches, his attack resulted in defeating Congress.

7- Himachal Pradesh congress failed to market itself on ground and on social media result is defeat.

8- 1st time Rahul Gandhi made BJP, Amit Shah and PM Modi uncomfortable so much that PM Modi increased his efforts to win Gujarat more than 30 times.

With this election Rahul Gandhi showed that he can defeat BJP in 2019 elections.

This election proved that BJP will not win easily 2019 Lower house elections

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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Kirtivasan Ganesan December 19, 2017  

Corruption has to fall down.
Especially BJP. They cannot afford corruption.