28 November 2017

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Why studying in Indian local language won’t make India no. 1 in science and technology

Why studying in Indian local language won’t make India no. 1 in science and technology

One of the best Gift British Raj gave to India is that the language of science and democratic thinking that is English Language.

Many Indians think that if we give education in local language then India will become super power, India will become No. 1 country in science and technology and innovation.

The same Indians who say this you should check their kid’s education what they are doing you will find that their kids are studying in English medium, best English schools.

Why then they promote local language schools?
Reason is simple they are afraid that if the daughter or son of the Auto Wala becomes fluent in English he will compete with their sons in every job.

People won’t accept this, but the truth is that job goes normally to person who is fluent in English and intelligent boy or girl who is not fluent in English becomes nervous and fails to give proper answers in interview and he loses job.

But today in India situation is changing even if you will talk with Auto Walla or any other lower or middle-class man he will say that his kids are learning in English language school and they are fluent in English.

Today World is changing it has already become Global Hub, now one can even watch the live programs of Nasa which are in English language, if a person has graduated in local language he will find it very difficult to understand the Nasa programming.

Even sometimes we read in news that Indian kids won the NASA award, when they win that award remember those kids normally belong to English schools.

Once I saw the television program and in that they showed that Double PHD holder who done PHD in local language what sitting in a Pan Masala shop, he was selling Pan like an uneducated person, just think what he would have done if he got double PHD in English Language.

Why India is not a scientific nation?
The bad of luck of India is that India did not got a scientific leader.
The bad luck is that no one is Interested in scientific knowledge and studies in any subject.
To avoid the responsibility even doctors also say that pray to God we cannot do anything.
Today science has made so much progress that Doctors know everything, patient will die or not, but they avoid responsibility by saying the truth.

How many television channels in India show scientific programs, educational programs?

How many Indians are ready to share knowledge with other Indians which will benefit the kids of others?

Majority times people hide knowledge from others fearing that other person will become intelligent, other person will get promotion.

How many television serials show that hard work pays not praying to God, but majority serials show that whatever happens only because he or she prays.

Just look around and you will find young boys and girls visiting temples and different type of Baba who give lockets and Mantra to get good marks in exams, even you will find parents visiting astrologers to get good marks.

Today thousands of Indian boys and girls are working in Call Centers reason is that they are fluent in English not in local language.

Everyday science is changing and progressing to keep up with world we must master English language, embrace English language in such a way that British and American kids should come to India to learn English Language.

Today India is united only because of English language.
Reason for Bangladesh creation – language problem with other reasons
Reason for Ukraine creation – Language Problems with other problems.

Science and Technology has nothing to do with language, to become No. 1 in science and technology citizens need freedom of thought, freedom of profession, freedom of sex, Freedom of art, freedom to criticize religion.

But here in India our freedoms are limited one must think before saying anything because anyone can send anyone to Jail without any reason if he is ready to spend money.

Current example – Padmavati movie
Padmavati is a just story, Padmavati is not a real character never existed like King Shivaji or King Rana Pratap.

The thinking of Indian mind set needs to be changed if we want to become no. 1 science field.

India needs to ban Astrology or should make it compulsory for them to say and write that Astrology is Entertainment, Astrology is not science.

India needs to test Ayurveda scientifically needs to open such study centers where Ayurveda will get tested.

India needs to give importance to science and needs to punish the people who openly say that reason for Cancer is past sins.

India needs to punish such people who say that gay people can be cured using pills and doing Yoga.

India needs to embrace science and from young age in schools the books should teach the kids that Astrology is for entertainment, any mantra or doing some worship they will not get anything, only hard work, and exercise, honesty towards their work will give them good marks.

How many books you know which are written in Local language which talk about real original science.

Ancient books you may find such books but remember Sanskrit language was Godly language and only selected few knew it.
But today that ancient knowledge is not useful as we Humans progressed lot more than that.

Today Humans are talking about how to go to Mars and stay there permanently

India is not no. 1 in science and technology because our mind set is not scientific.

Even today also you will find lemon hanging on cars and shops, an example which shows the mind set of Indians.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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