30 November 2017

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Fact Check Did Rahul Gandhi sign register as Non-Hindu in Somnath Temple

Fact Check Did Rahul Gandhi sign register as Non-Hindu in Somnath Temple

India belongs to everyone, India does not belong to Hindus Only, India belongs to everyone who is in born in India or who has taken Indian citizenship.

It is total foolishness to say India belongs to Hindus only.

India is a democratic and secular country. Supreme Court of India needs to order Somnath temple trustees that it is illegal to maintain two books one for Hindu and One for others as per Indian constitution.

As an Indian we must understand that it does not matter who is Hindu or Not Hindu.
Important is everyone is Indian.

Now let us fact check Did the Rahul Gandhi sign register as Non-Hindu in Somnath Temple

Without checking any facts majority Media in India reported that Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi on his visit to the Somnath temple in Gujarat registered as a non- Hindu during his visit. This news was originally published by Zee Gujarati after it was tweeted by their journalist Tejash Modi that started it all.
The tweet by Tejash Modi claimed, “Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi visited the Somnath temple. Signed the temple trust register for non-Hindus. Ahmed Patel also registered.”

After this BJP information technology cell which is billions time more active than Congress took this issue and like a fire the news spread.

Zee News a BJP supporting channel ran the news ‘Rahul ko Hindu hone ka garv nahi?’ with the hashtag #RahulHinduVivad

BJP supporting channel  Republic TV ran the hastag #RahulHinduorCatholic and asked questions such “When you were 27-years-old, the NYT listed you as a Catholic. Did you correct them?” and “Did you, despite accepting the NYT description as a Roman Catholic, call yourself a ‘Brahmin’ in 2012?

Times Now is becoming a BJP supporting news channel conducted a prime-time debate at 8 pm and 9 pm with the hashtag #RagaSomnathSelfGoal.

Times of India made this story the front-page lead.

No one tried to check the hand writing and signatures of Rahul Gandhi.

If you can see the register entries one can easily spot two things immediately.
1-Spelling mistake in the name of Ahmed Patel
2-Only one person has signed , made both the entries. The Hand writing is same.

News Rating – Fake News

In a press conference, Congress spokespersons produced the original document that has the signature of Rahul Gandhi in the visitor’s book of the Somnath temple.
They also said that Rahul Gandhi was never given the register in which it is claimed that he signed himself as a ‘non-Hindu’.

Photo Showing the original Register book where Rahul Gandhi signed.

Below is the fake sign book showing Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel sign as a Non-Hindu

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

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