11 October 2017

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Who Killed Police Horse Shaktiman BJP Govt withdraws Case

Who Killed Police Horse Shaktiman? Uttarkhand BJP Government withdraws Case

BJP Government withdraws case against MLA Joshi in Horse Shaktiman


The BJP government has recommended the withdrawal of a court case against party legislator Ganesh Joshi, who was booked last year for rioting, hurting and killing Shaktiman, a police horse, during a party rally.

Ganesh Joshi, a MLA from Mussoorie, was arrested on March 18 last year after he was booked for allegedly hurting a police horse Shaktiman during a party rally held in capital on March 14.

In a video that went viral, Joshi was purportedly seen charging towards the white horse.

The horse’s hind leg was amputated and a prosthetic leg was fitted, but it couldn’t survive and died on April 20.

state government Madan Kaushik told to PTI that "We withdrew the case against Ganesh Joshi in the Shaktiman episode as it fell into that (politically motivated) category. All such cases where our party workers were wrongfully framed for voicing their social concerns are being withdrawn,"

Joshi was booked and sent to jail following the incident but eventually got bail.

Now question remains who killed the white beautiful strong Horse Shaktiman?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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