11 October 2017

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UP Zakir Ali Tyagi spends 42 days in Jail for Facebook Post comment

UP Zakir Ali Tyagi spends 42 days in Jail for Facebook Post comment

18-year-old Zakir Ali Tyagi told media that "I am there on Facebook. I love politics and reading and sharing views. And I was not the only one who put up the slain cop's picture on my profile after he was killed by criminals. Many people did that to express their admiration for him. I never imagined sharing opinions on social media will bring me to this pass. I urge everyone to help me fight the case as a charge of sedition can destroy my life,"

Before his arrest Zakir worked with a transporter in a steel factory in Muzaffarnagar
By the time, he walked out on bail, he had lost his job, which earned him Rs 8,000 per month. His employer, who had been supportive, told him he was being forced to reduce his staff due to losses in the wake of implementation of GST.

Uttar Pradesh police found the Facebook comments, posts of Zakir criminal and they arrested him.    He made light of the Ganga being declared a "living entity", debated BJP's promise of building a Ram Mandir and wondered why the Centre was not withdrawing the Haj subsidy given to Air India.

The FIR, a copy of which is available on the website of the Uttar Pradesh Police, lists some of his Facebook activities, including a post asking if criminal charges would be initiated if someone drowns in the Ganga now that it had been declared a living entity.

It refers to his post asking why the Centre was not doing away with the Haj subsidy given to Air India.

There is also a mention of his post that the "promise of the government on Ram Mandir was nothing but a gimmick which will be made before the next polls again to lure voters, like the promise to send Mullahs to Pakistan."

Besides, the FIR states that Tyagi used a photograph of police officer Akhtar Ali, who was killed in an encounter with criminals in Dadri in 2016, as his Facebook profile picture, which "deceived people".

Zakir Ali Tyagi said he had to spend 42 days in Muzaffarnagar jail with hardened criminals where he had to pay cash even to use the washroom.

Zakir Ali was picked up on the night of April 2, was charged under the Indian Penal Code's Section 420 (cheating) and Section 66 of the Information Technology Act.
He was released on bail after 42 days
As per media reports police has added Section 124A dealing with sedition in the charge sheet

Zakir told media that "I was picked up on the night of April 2 on the pretext of questioning when I returned home from a jalsa (soiree) in a local madrassa. I was told by the police officer that I would be released in a few hours,"
"The night I was picked up, someone who was not in uniform walked into the lock-up and bashed me. He abused me and called me a terrorist. However, the medical report that was produced by the police, which is mandatory in cases of arrests, said I was perfectly fit,"

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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