27 October 2017

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PIL filed in Supreme Court Demanding Nationwide Ban on Firecrackers

PIL filed in Supreme Court Demanding Nationwide Ban on Firecrackers

In Delhi, Supreme Court banned the fire crackers but the ban failed because of loop holes and no action by Police.

Now three children – Arjun Gopal and two others – have moved the apex court seeking nationwide ban on firecrackers and a dedicate police helpline for lodging complaints in this regard

In an application filed before the Supreme Court they have prayed following.

1-Impose a ban on the possession, sale and bursting of fireworks across the country

2-In the alternative, it is prayed that this Hon’ble Court may be pleased to impose a ban on the possession of fireworks anywhere in the NCR

3-Direct the Police Commissioners of the NCR to submit status reports on the quantity of fireworks presently stored in the NCR and to set up a dedicated number to receive complaints of violation of pollution norms

4-Direct the manufacturers to submit complete details of the quantities produced in 2017 along with excise documentation as proof

5-And pass such further and other orders as this Hon’ble Court deems just and proper in the interest of justice

Reality views by sm

Let us hope Supreme Court of India will ban the sale, manufacturing or importing of fire crackers in India

There is no benefit in selling or manufacturing fire crackers.

Supreme Court of India should ban the crackers and should order the government of India to bring a detailed policy on making, manufacturing environment friendly, sound friendly fire crackers.

Not banning Fire crackers means we are waiting until the pollution strikes the next generation so badly that they die in young age.

Prevention is better than Cure.

India is a nation of bans so Supreme Court of India should immediately ban the making, selling, importing of fire crackers in India until the final judgement of Supreme Court of India in this case.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

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