12 September 2017

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Police bust gang cloning fingerprints and making fake Aadhaar Numbers

Police bust gang cloning fingerprints and making fake Aadhaar Numbers

On Sunday Uttar Pradesh police told media that they had busted a Lucknow-based gang, which stole the fingerprints of authorized Aadhaar enrolment operators.

These fingerprints were cloned and used to access the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)’s enrolment service to create “fake” Aadhaar numbers.

The gang hijacked the fingerprints and login-ids of Aadhaar enrolment operators, and also bypassed UIDAI’s iris-scan based security,”

Police arrested 10 people for allegedly cloning fingerprints to subvert Aadhar’s vaunted biometric-based security system

the police said, the gang acquired images of the fingerprints of Aadhaar enrolment operators, printed these images on butter-paper, and placed these prints on a sheet of a light-sensitive resin which was then exposed to ultra-violet light.

When the police raided the gang’s premises, they confiscated 46 such fingerprint stamps.

The gang even devised a way to subvert the retina-scan requirement.

When any person goes for Aadhaar Enrollment to get a Aadhaar number that time one authorized person is present there who accesses the UIDAI system using his fingerprints and a scan of his retina.  The gang got the finger prints of such operator and successfully created rubber stamps to access and create fake Aadhaar Number.

Once again this proves that Aadhaar is not safe but BJP government is not a mood to listen or think and stop the wide use of Aadhaar database.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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