05 September 2017

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How Indian Government can tax online social apps Why is it necessary?

How Indian Government can tax online social apps Why is it necessary?

Today majority online social companies like Facebook, WhatsApp are collecting  the information of users without paying them anything, if user is not ready to give that information he is not allowed to use that social service network. He can not join that social app and can not talk with his friends or exchange messages ,photos and videos.

So Indirectly it becomes compulsory for the user to give his information to these social apps services.

These social apps are very rich companies, so they are providing free services to users they can afford it as they are collecting data and are selling that data, user behavior analysis to marketing companies.

Now question is how Government of India can tax these social app companies?
Government needs to tell these companies that nothing should be compulsory for the user to use that service.  Companies will not agree as users will start to open fake accounts using fake names or short forms of names. Companies will not agree as users will not part with their phone number and personal details.

Now in such situation government needs to clearly say and bring a law that if membership of any social app crosses more than 10 Lakh members in such case that social app will stop accepting new members or it will pay Yearly Tax of Rs. 10 Lakh to government of India for each new 10 Lakh members.

This will give chance to new companies to start their own social apps and this will end the monopoly of few rich social app companies. This will encourage new social apps and inventions.

All social app companies are collecting data of Indian users free of cost, User has no option but to  to part with his all personal details, information to use these social apps as they got the full monopoly

The taxing of these social apps will give more revenue to Government of India. Government can use this extra revenue to improve the Indian government schools where there are just 10 computers for 4000 students.

The taxing on these social apps will help Government of India to provide Oxygen Cylinders in Hospitals so poor kids won’t die because they don’t have money to pay for Oxygen.

I do not know these social app companies do any social service in India or Not.

India needs to start to tax these social app companies or bring restrictions on these social apps companies regarding collection of personal details of Indian citizens.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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