03 August 2017

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Aadhaar Database combined with Facial Recognition Technology Towards Slave India

Aadhaar Database combined with Facial Recognition Technology Towards Slave India
The dimensions of our faces are unique to each of us-just like our fingerprints. And just like fingerprint analysis, facial recognition technology allows others to identify you with what's called a "faceprint," a unique file describing your face.

we have a fundamental right to control our private information--and biometric information is already among the most sensitive of our private information, mainly because it is both unique and permanent.

“Biometrics” refers to technologies used to identify an individual based on unique  physical characteristics. Common biometric identifiers include retina or iris scans, fingerprints, or hand or face geometry scans, which are all generally obtained by first acquiring an image or  photograph of the biometric identifier.

One of the most prevalent uses of biometrics is facial recognition technology, which works by scanning an image for human faces, extracting facial feature data from a photograph or image of a human face, generating a “faceprint” from the image through the use of facial-recognition algorithms, and then comparing, or “matching,” the resultant faceprint to other faceprints stored in a “faceprint database.” If a database match is found, a person may be identified.

You can change your password if lost or stolen
You can get a new credit card if lost or stolen
You can change your social security number
You can get a fake email address.
You can get new email address
biometric identifiers linked to a specific voice or face cannot be changed.
you can't change your fingerprint,
you can't change your face.
facial recognition creates acute privacy concerns
Aadhaar database creates acute privacy concerns

These unique and permanent biometric identifiers, once exposed, leave innocent citizens with no means to prevent identity theft and unauthorized tracking which will result in black mailing.

Once someone has your faceprint, they can get your name, they can find your social networking account and they can find and track you in the street, in the stores you visit, the government buildings you enter, and the photos your friends post online.

facial recognition technology can allow others to access all information about you from a distance, without your knowledge and in about as much time as it takes to snap a photo.

Using Facial Recognition technology police officers will be able to find and track the criminals but what will happen when same technology will be used by the government to silence the opposition party leaders, their sons and daughters this will lead India towards the one-party rule forever with zero opposition, opposition parties will remain on ground to just fool Indian citizens.

Facial recognition technology is in broad use today.

Facial Recognition Technology is used by Facebook, Department of Justice US, and FBI.

Since 2010, the National Institute of Justice, which is a part of DOJ, has spent millions to develop facial recognition-enhanced binoculars that can be used to identify people at a distance and in crowds. It seems easy to envision facial recognition technology being used on innocent civilians when all an officer has to do is look at them through his binoculars.

Year 2011 –In US Professor Alessandro Acquisti of Carnegie Mellon University used a consumer-grade digital camera and off-the-shelf facial recognition software to identify one out of three students walking across a campus.

Year 2011 -  the FBI rolled out a facial recognition program. Active in Maryland, Michigan, and Hawaii and other places this pilot program lets officers in the field take a photo of an individual and compare it to a federal database of criminal mugshots.
This pilot lets officers in the field take a photo of someone and compare it to a federal database of criminal mugshots. The pilot can also help ID a suspect in a photo from an actual crime

Facebook and Face Recognition Technology 

Facebook users can use its platform to, among other things, upload and share photographs with friends and relatives. Once a user uploads a photograph on Facebook, the user can “tag” (i.e., identify by name) other Facebook users and non-users who appear in the photograph.

To encourage use of the tagging feature, Facebook launched a program in 2010 called “Tag Suggestions.” Tag Suggestions functions by scanning photographs uploaded by the user and
then identifying faces appearing in those photographs.

If Tag Suggestions recognizes and identifies one of the faces appearing in the photograph, Facebook will suggest that individual’s name or automatically tag them.

Tag Suggestions uses proprietary facial recognition software to extract from user-uploaded photographs the unique biometric identifiers (i.e., graphical  representations of facial features, also known as facial geometry) associated with people’s faces and identify who they are.

This program uses facial recognition technology to create a unique faceprint for every user that is tagged through Tag Suggestions. In rolling out Tag Suggestions, experts say Facebook has built one of the world's largest privately held database of faceprints.  this database could eventually be used to find and identify a Facebook user in any photo or to identify those users in person using a facial recognition mobile app, and said that the database could be leased or sold to third parties for similar purposes.

Now in India Supreme Court is hearing case regarding Aadhar Data base, and Privacy as a Fundamental Right

BJP government has clearly said that Privacy is not a fundamental right.
Indirectly BJP government wants to use Aadhaar Data as they wish, as ruling party wishes.

What will happen once full Aadhaar data base gets compromised and gets in the hands of China and Pakistan.

What will happen when an innocent girl’s database will go into hands of corrupt government officers.

Aadhaar Card details + Face Recognition Software = Blackmailing = Any one can become spy and destroy the life of innocent man or female. 

Government can track anyone 24 hours whenever it wishes without permission from anyone
Rich Companies will get the data for one use but they will use that database for spying
Once you get a knife you can cut a vegetable, you can do an operation or you can murder someone.

Using Aadhaar database in combination with Face Recognition software installed in android phone without or with legal permission government will be able to identify who was present in which political rally. This will become very dangerous tool in the hand of any ruling government in India

Indian politicians don’t even fear to beat someone on camera as it is guaranteed that he will not go to jail as no one dares to file a police complaint.

Just think what will happen once Aadhaar data base goes into hands of corrupt politicians or corrupt rich company or corrupt government officer

Let us hope Supreme Court of India will restrict the use of Aadhaar Data base and declare Privacy as fundamental Right.

Nothing is important than Privacy. Privacy is a fundament Right

Without Aadhar data base also one can successfully help the poor people of India.
India just needs to amend laws which will increase the punishment and fill the loopholes which help criminals.

If Supreme Court of India fails to recognize Privacy as a Fundamental Right Just think what will happen which type of tool will go into hands of elected politicians.

This may start a journey of India towards slave India without any opposition party or voices 

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

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