31 July 2017

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Review Story Game of Thrones S7 E3 The Queens Justice

Review Story Game of Thrones S7 E3 The Queens Justice

TV Series – Game of Thrones
Season – 7 Episode - 3
Episode – 63
Episode Name – The Queens Justice

In short Story Game of Thrones - The Queens Justice

1- Place Dragonstone – Queen Danaerys

Tyrion meets Jon Snow on the beach of Dragonstone.Missandei asks Jon’s men to handover their weapons.

Melisandre told Varys that her part was to bring Fire and Ice together which she has now done. Varys advise her to go away and never return but she informs him she will have to, for she is to die in Westros just as Varys is.

Queen Danaerys’s ask Jon to bend the knee but he refuses.
He tells her about White Walkers, Night King and army of walking dead.
Queen Danaerys takes his act of not taking the knee as an act of open rebellion. As long as Jon calls himself King of the North she will consider him as an enemy.

Varys informs Danaerys of the loss of her ships, fleet and men.
Varys does not know who is alive and who is dead.

Jon Snow tells Tyrion about Dragon glass and weapons.
Then Tyrion tells to Danaerys that Jon Snow is a good man and he is future friend allow him to mine the Dragon Glass. After this Danaerys meets Jon and gives him permission to mine Dragonstone for Dragon glass and make weapons.

Danaerys and Tyrion discuss about their next move. Tyrion told her that he knows everything about Casterlly Rock. It will be very difficult to defeat Lannister Army. Many men will die.
Tyrion tells her that he built a secret passage way into the Casterlly Rock.
Using that secret path Unsullied enter city and win .Grey Worm asks one Lannister soldier where the rest of the Lannister’s are hiding it turns out they are storming High garden.
but Grey Worm looks out into water and Eurons Fleet has come and his sinking the Unsullied Ships.

2-Place – Kings Landing – Queen Cersei

Euron reaches Kings landing parading Yara, Ellaria and Tyene through Kings Landing. He hands over Ellaria and Tyene to the Cersei as a show of faith. As his reward, Cersei names Euron as the captain of the Royal Fleet.

Cersei remembers how Ellaria killed her daughter Marcella.
Cersei poisons Ellaris daughter with the same poison that Ellaria used to kill Marcella.

Cersei meets with the banker from whom her family took the loans, she assures him that wait for one day and she will repay all their loans.

3-Place – Winterfell – Sansa Stark
Bran Stark reaches to Winterfell.
Sansa informs Bran that he is Lord of Winterfell now. Bran tells her that he cannot be lord of anything since he is the Three Eyed Raven. He tells her that he can see everything he tried to explain her but finds it difficult. Then he starts to tell her about her wedding night and she realizes what he is trying say and she leaves.

4-Place – Citadel – Sam
Arch Maester checks Ser Mormont and finds that he is fully cured recovered. He realizes that Sam done the most difficult procedure and cured him risking his own life and Citadel.
Ser Jorah tells Sam that now he will return to Queen Danaerys to help her.
Sam tells Ser Jorah that he is glad he could help, since Ser Jorahs father helped Sam many times.

5-Place – High Garden – House Tyrell

Lady Tyrell watches Jaime and his army coming towards High Garden.
She realizes her death is near.  Jaime and Lady Tyrell discuss with each other. She asks Jaime how she is to die. He gives her poison and tells her there will be no pain. Lady Tyrell says that’s good because she does not want to die the way Joffrey did.
She tells Jaime that she was the one who killed Joffrey and she wants Cersei to know to.

Jaime leaves and episode ends.

Review –
Story moves superfast in right direction revealing many things.
Excellent Episode

Rating – 4 stars out of 5

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