26 July 2017

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Fact Check Did the President of India Kovind got 3 million twitter followers within hour

Fact Check Did the President of India Kovind got 3 million twitter followers within hour
Majority news channels reported that “President Kovind makes Twitter debut, gains 3 million followers in one hour.”

Few media channels said President Kovind got 3 million plus followers on twitter within few minutes.

but is it true, does President of India Kovind really got so many followers in one hour.

Answer is No –

Official Twitter accounts of the President, Vice President, various Ministries like PMOIndia  are considered digital assets that belong to the government of India.

So, what is the truth how many followers President Kovind got in one hour?

For this one needs to understand the policy of twitter account how it works regarding government twitter accounts.

The new President Ram Nath Kovind will now use the official President of India account @RashtrapatiBhvn.

As President Pranab Mukherjee is the 13th President of India, his official Twitter account history will be archived with the handle @POI13.

As part of this transition process, a few changes that will take place today as the Presidential swearing is completed include:

1- All Embedded Tweets from President Mukherjee will automatically link to @POI13 for continuity and preservation of the digital history of his administration.

2-Those who were following @RashtrapatiBhvn will now automatically follow BOTH accounts: @RashtrapatiBhvn and @POI13, to facilitate communication from the official President of India account to its audience. Users who do not wish to follow either accounts may unfollow through our normal process.

3-People who would like to continue following President Pranab Mukherjee on Twitter can engage with him through his personal Twitter account: @CitiznMukherjee.

President Pranab Mukherjee was India’s first President on Twitter. He created hashtag #PresidentMukherjee on Twitter to engage with citizens through his term. President Mukherjee sent his first Tweet as the President of India on 1 July 2014.

His handle (or account, whatever is the technical language) is being archived now. This transition ensures that his legacy is captured in digital history and the people of India will benefit from the continued real-time citizen engagement with his successor through the official President of India account @RashtrapatiBhvn,” says Mrs. Omita Paul, Secretary to the President, in relation to the digital move.

The new @RashtrapatiBhvn account starts with zero tweets and all the followers from the previous account. So, when President Kovind inherited the @RashtrapatiBhvn Twitter account, he also inherited all its followers. President Mukherjee had 3+ million followers and this is the reason why it appears that President Kovind gained 3 million followers

In Short President Kovind got all the followers of President Pranab Mukherjee it happens automatically.  This is the reason account of President of India Kovind shows 3 million + followers.
He did not get new 3 million + followers in few minutes or hours.

Hope Indian Media will learn to check the facts and tell them properly to Indian readers and viewers.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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