09 May 2017

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myjiodth.com is it a fake site which claims get free JIO settop box

myjiodth.com is it a fake site which claims get free JIO settop box

On WhatsApp one message is getting circulated about MYJIODTH website and free reliance settop box offer.

myjiodth.com website claims following and collects information from users
website claims says that Get free Jio DTH HD SET TOP BOX with Jio Broadband connection for 6 months and more than 440 channels totally free. After that there are  monthly charges about Rs. 180.
Last Date for apply online – 10/05/2017
Process to apply online you are just 3 steps away
1-provide details and complete registration form
2- click activate for human verification
3- after complete the full registration you will receive a track id. You can track it on MyJioDthApp.
Then user is required to give name, mobile number, address, city, state and this he has to click on activate button.

Once you click activate button it will say that congratulation Jio DTH free Home Delivery is available to your given address.
Then it will say share on 8 WhatsApp Groups or with friends for verification
After share on 8 Groups click on Final activation to get Track ID.

Further site says that Once the online registration is completed by the applicant he or she will become eligible for the home delivery of the JIO DTH. The JIO DTH will be delivered at your given address after June 2017.

Now question is myjiodth.com site is it a fake site, can you trust it. Is it related with reliance Jio?
On the website if you read Terms and Conditions you will know following.
MyJioDth is not affiliated with Reliance or Jio in any way. The trademark Reliance its logo, trade mark Jio its logo and other services marks and logos owned by and or licensed to Reliance and or its affiliates. The Contest will choose random users to award them free settop box registration form.

MYJIODTH.Com is it a fake site?
I do not think you will get any free set top box of  Jio reliance broadband service after completing all the formalities mentioned on site.
Site says it is a contest and winner will get notified.

For checking purpose, I myself registered on site with fake name, fake address, fake mobile number, fake city but I got my self registered. This clearly shows that You will get nothing after completing formalities.

Normally a secure website will never accept fake address, fake mobile number, fake city etc.

Site is just collecting information and I do not know why site is collecting information for legal purpose or illegal activities or for just fun.

Below is the more information about MYJIODTH.com

Registrar Info -
Name - GoDaddy.com, LLC
Expires On - 2018-04-13
Registered On - 2017-04-13
Someone from Delhi has registered the website MYJIODTH.com
I am not posting here the email address and mobile number associated with MYJIODTH.com

Below are the screenshots of site myjiodth.com

Reality views by sm –

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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