20 December 2016

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Writer Kamal C. Chavara charged with Sedition over FB Post on National Anthem

Writer Kamal C. Chavara charged with Sedition over FB Post on National Anthem

Kerala – Kozhikode

On Sunday, a writer and theatre activist Kamal C Chavara alias Kamalsy Prana in Kerala was taken into custody and charged with sedition for allegedly insulting the national anthem in a Facebook post in Malayalam -- an excerpt from his novel 'Smashanangalude Nottupustakam'.
Kamal was taken into custody when he was planning to approach the court seeking anticipatory bail.
Later in the evening, Chavara was released on bail. He alleged that he was humiliated by policemen as per media reports.

Kamal’s post was an excerpt from his novel “Smashanangalude Notepustakam” which was published in 2015. Chavara’s friends said his Facebook post was excerpts from his  novel Smashanangalude Notupustakam, or A Book on Graveyards, which is not banned.

Few days back a case was registered against writer Kamal C Chavara alias Kamalsy Prana at the Karunagappalli police station in Kollam. As per media reports Kamal has been charged under Section 124 (A) of IPC that is Sedition.

The complaint was lodged by Yuva Morcha, the youth wing of BJP. Yuvamorcha, in its complaint, said Kamal's Facebook post insulted the national anthem.

What a writer and theatre activist Kamal C Chavara did?
Writer Kamal just posted the portion an excerpt from his novel “Smashanangalude Nottupustakam” on Facebook, apparently to mark his protest the Supreme Court order which said the national anthem should be played in every cinema hall prior to each screening.

What Kamal Posted on his Facebook page, it is right of Indian citizens to know exactly what he posted. As per media reports writer Kamal Posted following on his Facebook page.
"In a school in Kerala, there were 44 students who were named after 44 rivers of Kerala, which had all dried up. The teacher never bothered to meet the requests of those students, including the request to go to the toilet to urinate. At 4pm every day they had to stand up for the National Anthem. Since urinating was more important for me than 'Jana Gana Mana', I was the most in disciplined student."

What Kamal wrote on his Facebook Post is not published by many media houses and few have published the translation exactly what he wrote.
If today you do not fight for Freedom of Speech tomorrow it will be your number.
Nothing is important than Freedom of speech and profession.
It’s very worrying situation that media is afraid to write what he wrote on his Facebook page.

In 21st Century India does not need law like Sedition.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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