24 December 2016

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Gujarat Vadodara Liquor Raid 261 high profile persons arrested

Gujarat Vadodara  Liquor Raid 261 high profile persons arrested

State Government of Gujarat has banned alcohol and as per new law consuming liquor is an offence punishment by 3 years’ imprisonment.

As per media reports more than 260 high profile persons were arrested for allegedly consuming liquor at a farmhouse in Sevasi (Vadodara) in Gujarat.

Vadodara Rural SP Saurabh Tolambia said police seized a total of 103 bottles of liquor, 116 bottles of beer, and 80 cars.
Police confiscated 80 luxury cars, in all valued at Rs 18 crore, including Bentleys and Mercedes, to ascertain if anybody escaped during the raid.

they were granted bail before that blood tests were conducted on the 134 women, 125 men, and two British nationals.

Vadodara (Rural) SP Saurabh Tolumbia told to media that “We have registered two different cases related to the liquor party. One against organizers of the party Jitendra Shah and his son Abhay, who are also owners of the farmhouse. They have been arrested,” he said. “While milder sections of the prohibition laws were invoked in other offences against those present in the liquor party,” The strict offence invoked against organizers of the party is amended article 65 of the Gujarat Prohibition Act, which is a very serious offence and punishable with 10 years RI and a fine of Rs 5 lakhs, he said. “This is for the first time that these sections have been invoked after the state government recently amended prohibition laws and made it stringent,” he further said.
Former president of FICCI and ex-IPL Chairman Chirayu Amin and another noted industrialist Rakesh Agrawal were among those booked, he said. “We have taken blood samples of all those who were present in the party, and let them off as the punishment under these sections are not more than seven years,” he said. “We have seized large quantity of 103 liquor bottles and 116 beer bottles the value of which is Rs 1,28,950 from the farm house. We have also seized 80 cars from the venue,” he said. The pre-marriage party was held to celebrate the wedding of granddaughter of Jitendra Shah, police said.

Jitendra Shah owns the Shilchar group, with interests in power equipment manufacturing.

List names of high profile people arrested in Vadodara
1- Pharmaceuticals and real estate firm Alembic Ltd.’s chairman Chirayu Amin
2-Rakesh Agarwal
3- the chairman of Alembic Pharmaceuticals, was arrested along with his sons, Pranav and Udit
4- Zydex Industries CEO Ajay Ranka,
5-Paresh Saraiya, managing director of Transpek Silox,
6-Rakesh Agrawal of Shiva Pharma
7-Amit Goradia, chairman of Jewel Group

Now what will happen in this case?
No one will go to jail
Very few Media houses will cover the news in detail
Police officers who raided they may get promotion or it is possible that they will get transferred and in future they will lose the job or get suspended for a simple reason.
You can just think how much bribe now politicians will get demand from these rich people.

This raid has once again proved that liquor ban does not work, the real purpose of ban is nothing but bribes of billions of dollars

Why politicians ban the Liquor?
Reason is simple they can get the bribes of billions of dollars every month
My own personal belief is that only a corrupt politician will think about banning liquor.
If politicians want, they can increase the taxes on sell of liquor but ban is no option
Ban = Corruption,

Reality views by sm –

Saturday, December 24, 2016

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lina@women perspective December 24, 2016  

Banning means corruption opportunity?
Yep, i agree with you.