23 December 2016

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Aspiring CBSE Principles lose right to criticize Government CBSE

Aspiring CBSE Principles may lose right to criticize Government CBSE

As per new amendments Private schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are set to lose their autonomy in appointing their principals, as each aspirant must pass an eligibility test conducted by the CBSE. Those who are already principals will also have to take the test. However, this amendment to the affiliation bye-laws does not apply to government schools. Amendment gave the State governments and the CBSE an effective veto in the appointment of private school principals.

As per new amendments to the affiliation bye-laws, the person on the selection committee with experience in administration of schools or an educationist will be appointed by the managing committee in consultation with the CBSE. Two or more other persons will now be on the panel – a person nominated by the CBSE and nominee(s) of the State government as per the State Education Act.

Before this what was the appointment procedure of CBSE Principles?
selection committee for choosing a principal of a school comprised the president of the society, the chairperson of the managing committee and a person having experience of administration of schools nominated by the managing committee, the constitution of the committee has now been tweaked.

Because of these new amendments regarding appointments of CBSE Principals Government and CBSE will have full control.
In very short No candidate rejected by the CBSE or State government representatives can be appointed principal of even a private school.

Indirectly any aspiring principal who writes or speaks against CBSE or Government will get rejected by the appointment committee in interview and only people who are in the good books of government will get appointed by the government or CBSE

Hidden message is that if want to become a Principal of CBSE school learn to say Yes Sir, Yes CBSE, Yes Government, your all policies are good and you will get into the good books of government and in future you may get chance to become Principal.

Remember the case of FTII Pune and appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as Chairman chief.
What happens when government controls the appointments.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

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