16 December 2016

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After 50 Days Demonetization Will it be Success or Failure for PM Modi

After 50 Days Demonetization Will it be Success or Failure for PM Modi Ban on Notes
Exclusive Breaking Analysis -

On November 8, 2016 PM Narendra Modi, did what no one expected, PM Modi Banned the currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 and created history.

Some people say it was note exchange program and some say it was Demonetization.
It is not important as currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 are banned now completely and one can only deposit them in banks.

BJP won elections and Narendra Modi became the PM of India.
He promised many things before elections but after completion of more than 2 years’ people started to think nothing is happening, Modi stayed popular but graph was decreasing.

But PM Modi is master of politics He just banned the notes and surprised everyone.
He played the gamble of banning of notes with knowledge or without knowledge that administration, RBI was not ready to handle the note ban situation and it will boom rang.

As no home work was done before banning the notes the Demonetization scheme failed fully but and people are suffering but still 100% Indian citizens support PM Narendra Modi for banning the notes. This is the 1st success of PM Modi even if note ban, note exchange program or Demonetization failed.

PM Modi said following to the nation “This is not an end. I have more projects in mind to make India corruption-free...Cooperate with me and help me for 50 days and I will give you the India you desired.”
In Belgaum, PM Modi again said following “I have not hidden anything from the country If I had lied, you would have the right to be angry. On the first day, itself, I said there will be problems till December 30, to give me 50 days.

After 8th November 2016 PM Modi said give him 50 days and suffer pain for 50 days.
From that moment, Indian citizens and opposition political parties are counting 50 days.
And on 28th December 2016, it is expected that people will face minimum problems and they will be able to withdraw money as they and when they want.

Now question is what will happen after 50 days will PM Narendra Modi will achieve the goals
Demonetization will it become success or failure story for PM Narendra Modi

As government realized that Demonetization has failed they started to change rules everyday
And government is adding more and more reasons why they banned the currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, started with black money and now current reason is cashless India, digital India, less cash India.

As per capacity of  Indian printing presses and currency distribution indicates that, at current rates, the Prime Minister’s deadline will not be met.

If government wants to reintroduce the entire Rs 14 lakh crore ($210 billion) that it withdrew, that could take up to April 2017.

Indian printing presses are not ready and not capable to print so many notes, this means people must suffer for minimum six months just don’t think about cities, think about villages also.
Printing machines also need rest government cannot run them 24 hours non-stop.

Thus, they can work only in 2 or 3 shifts and if they work more, notes will get double ink problem, notes will come out with more ink, faulty notes will come out from machines.

Currently majority people and media is saying that the Prime Minister’s deadline will not be met. Nothing will change after 50 days and it will be a great failure, Monumental.

Now How PM Modi is going to change this and convert failure to success.

Yes, it is possible PM Modi can convert this failure to Success and his deadline will get met.

How this will happen?
Everyday government is announcing new rules and new benefits so people will start to use credit cards, debit cards and mobile money pay apps.
Second government has now started to monitor banks and they are arresting people.
More the people CBI, ED arrest more the popularity of PM Narendra Modi will increase.

Third and Most important - Because of High Secrecy of laws regarding printing it is possible that PM Modi will get notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.100 printed from Switzerland or Germany. Both countries are advanced, their printing presses are advanced and they can do this easily just like the blinking of eyes.

Switzerland got very strict rules regarding privacy thus nothing is wrong in printing notes there.

Before 25th December the new notes will come from Germany or Switzerland and problem will get solved. This is the only way PM Modi can convert failure into success, make it demonetization success story.
I feel that PM Modi will do this

In year 1998 former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government imported 3,600 million pieces of printed notes (2,000 million piece of Rs 100 notes and 1,600 million of Rs 500 denomination) of a total face value of Rs 100,000 crore.

Thus, PM Narendra Modi will do the same and fulfill his 50 days Promise.And it will be a success.  Just wait and watch next 15 days how PM Modi plays master stroke once again proving everyone wrong.

This time PM Modi will fulfill 50 days’ promise.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

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kadamtaal December 20, 2016  

Almost every second day new instruction by the government/RBI shows that government is in more tense then the common man.
Thanks for sharing