23 October 2016

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Right time for Shiv Sena to break friendship with BJP

Right time for Shiv Sena to break friendship with BJP

Today in Maharashtra there are only two strong political business parties are present namely, BJP and Shiv Sena

BJP is riding on the Magic of Modi, which is decreasing day by day on the other hand there is Shiv Sena which has no magic element expect Balasaheb Thackeray.

Balasaheb Thackeray is no more but Still his magic is in Maharashtra which is same like Narendra Modi.

Now question is How many years there will be a Magic of Balasaheb only until the present generation and slowly Magic of Balasaheb Thackeray will start to decrease and Shiv Sena will need a new leader with Magic.

Currently Shiv Sena don’t have any Magical Leader but still Shiv Sena got the Balasaheb who can compete with Modi.

Believer, followers of Balasaheb still support Uddhav Thackeray and Aditya Thackeray will not get such magical hand when he becomes chief of Shiv Sena after 10 or 25years. He will need to create his own Magic.

Now anyone who follows Indian Politics can tell you and agree that now there is no Modi wave in India, its decreasing day by day same applies to Balasaheb.

What about Congress, NCP and MNS?
Congress and NCP both parties lack the magic they will win elections but not majority seats in elections to form government.

MNS is on dying path and very soon no one will notice them as MNS takes the issue and after 2 weeks they leave that issue without final results good results.
Current example ADHM movie issue just for Rs. 5 Crore they agreed they should have agreed only on 100% profit donation for the Farmers Cause in Maharashtra as no one helps and looks after Maharashtra Farmers.

100% Profit Donation to Farmers Fund or No Movie Release Rs. 5 Crore is like making a deal with Movie Makers.

Now Remains Shiv Sena and BJP

Shiv Sena needs to understand that BJP is master of management they have not broken the friendship but told openly that Mafia Raj rules in BMC like this one or other way BJP keeps damaging the reputation of Shiv Sena.

Even Shiv Sena is in government but it works and behaves like an opposition party which damages its own reputation.

Now Shiv Sena needs to tell Government that our Army does not need money from ADHM movie makers, we will give Rs. 5 Crore to Army and Shiv Sena will protect the ADHM if government and police fail to give protection to ADHM.

Today there is no opposition party in Maharashtra BJP knows that and everyday Shiv Sena gets defamed by one or other way in Media.

Shiv Sena needs to break the friendship with BJP if they want to create their own Magical Leader before the Shiv Sena loses the magic of BalaSaheb

Today Shiv Sena is working under the magic of Modi and BJP.

Many people will agree that vote for Shiv Sena means Vote for BJP soon they will start to vote directly for BJP as there will be no magic of Balasaheb as new generation will find its own new leaders in this technological era.

What will happen if Shiv Sena does not Break Friendship with BJP.
Start with History
Once Shiv Sena was Big Brother and BJP was small brother in Maharashtra
 Shiv Sena won more election seats – Reason Magic of Bala Saheb this continued until his death and still that magic is present but do not know how long it will stay with people of Maharashtra

Rise of Narendra Modi – Maharashtra BJP got confidence and they started to behave like Big Brother and won more election seats and before Shiv Sena can understand anything BJP become the Big brother in their political partnership, Today Shiv Sena has become small brother and there is no chance that now Shiv Sena can become Big Brother without leaving the partnership.

Now Shiv Sena should try to become a national political party and should prepare to fight all the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 Lok Sahba elections if AAP can do it then why not Shiv Sena.

If Shiv Sena today does not spread its wings Shiv Sena will never realize its own political power and it will become smaller and smaller day by day under the influence of BJP and Modi.

Today Uddhav needs to praise Modi why?
Today Shiv Sena Chief needs to think about future and I will even suggest he should call the Raj and request MNS to merge with Shiv Sena before MNS loses its full ground.

Today Maharashtra needs a strong opposition party and breaking of partnership between Shiv Sena and BJP will help Maharashtra as well as Shiv Sena as a political party.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

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