29 October 2016

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BJP Government Delays Appointments of High Court Judges

BJP Government Delays Appointments of High Court Judges

As Supreme Court of India is not ready to come under the elected Politicians and work like CBI
BJP is not appointing Judges.
We know that fight is going on between Supreme Court of India  works 99% times for the benefit of Indian citizens and on the other hand elected politicians who work only 1% for the benefits of Indian citizens and work 99% times for their families and friends.

As a result of fight between BJP Government and SC, Government is not ready to appoint the judges recommend by the Collegium System of India, a one of the honest system of India as CBI has not arrested any Judge in past for taking Bribes.

CBI has the right to arrest Corrupt Judges.
Ed has the right to arrest the judges who got ill money but this never happened.
Once CBI or ED will expose the corrupt judge, automatically it will help elected Politicians to impeach that Judge.

The  Supreme Court of India , Bench was hearing a public interest litigation seeking a direction to the government to speed up judicial appointments in 24 high courts which are together short of 450 judges. 
On Friday October 28, 2016 Chief Justice of India TS Thakur said. “Executive inaction is decimating the institution (judiciary).” “Today we have a situation where courtrooms are locked because there are no judges. For example, Karnataka where one floor is shut. Why don’t you lock the courts and lock out justice?”  “You are scuttling the working of the institution… “You cannot bring the entire institution (of judiciary) to a grinding halt,” the bench said.

This never happened When Manmohan Singh was the PM of India one of the top Prime Ministers India had ever.
The Lion of Punjab as a PM he also did Surgical strikes but never came in public to increase his political value.

When one after another SC of India gave judgements against Ex. PM Manmohan Singh government then also he respected the SC of India never behaved like an enemy, he respected judiciary.

Hope elected BJP politicians will learn to obey the honest, honorable institution of Judiciary and learn to obey Judiciary and not behave like Kings.

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

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