26 September 2016

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Gujarat Dalit Woman beaten up for Refusing to remove Cow Carcass

Gujarat Dalit Woman beaten up for Refusing to remove Cow Carcass
North Gujarat –
a five month pregnant Dalit woman was severely beaten up by a group of upper castes men for refusing to dispose of carcass of dead cow in a village in North Gujarat.
The incident occurred on September 23 late night.

The woman Sangeeta Ranawasia and her husband and others who were also injured in the attack were admitted in civil hospital in Palanpur while six persons have been arrested by the police in connection with assault.

Those arrested belong to Kshatriya community, upper caste, and they have been booked under prevention of atrocity act, rioting, intimidation and other charges.

Hindu reported that one Natavarsinh asked Sangeeta and her family members to clear the carcass of dead cow from his field but they refused saying they have stopped the practice of disposing of dead animals. "They started beating us when we refused to remove carcass from Natavarsinh's field. They told us that it’s our duty and job to dispose of dead animals so we can’t say no to it," said Ramesh Ranawasia, Sangeeta's husband, who sustained minor injuries and was discharged after primary treatment.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

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rudraprayaga September 27, 2016  

Some anti social rogues take advantage targeting to tarnish the image of some category.