01 July 2016

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Indian Media sites start to block users of Ad block

Indian Media sites start to block users of Ad block

Ad block is a good tool to fight the over dose of advertisements on websites.

First we must understand why internet users started to use Ad Block?

Reason is simple overdose of ads on each page and this gave birth to ad block developers and today it has become good tool in the in hands of users.

But we must remember that website owners earn the money through advertisement only.

Thus if you think website shows limited number of advertisements on their website then as a net user you should disable the ad block app on such sites.

And if you think website shows to many advertisements on each page then no need to disable the ad block app.

Now Indian Media has started to restrict users from reading or accessing the websites if they are using ad block apps.

Few to mention are Times of India, NDTV, Economic Times, India Today have started to restrict the users from reading the content, accessing the website if they do not disable their Ad block app.

Now it will become interesting to see that what happens to their traffic and if they become successful it will become norm and next they will move to pay per view model.

Pay per view = it will be monthly subscription or it may be pay to read the one article and save money no need to pay monthly subscription it will become just like pay television DTH or cable subscription package.

I will just suggest if you think advertisements any website are less then disable the ad block app for that site.

Let me know do you think my website shows more advertisements if not I hope you have already disabled the ad block for my website

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Friday, July 1, 2016

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Destination Infinity July 02, 2016  

I don't use adblock as I sometimes find advertisements useful :) Since your website displays ads on the sidebar, away from the main content, I think it's fine. Besides Google Adsense has a restriction of 3 ads (max) per page.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan July 04, 2016  

What is an office?
If manufacturing, then the competitive edge? Loss making is certainly a wrong answer for me.
Seriously, SM, what is an office?

SM July 04, 2016  

@Kirtivasan Ganesan
sorry i did not understand question.