04 July 2016

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High Court Orders CBI Probe into Rs. 570 Cr. Seized from Trucks

High Court Orders CBI Probe into Rs. 570 Cr. Seized from Trucks

The Madras High Court on Monday, directed the CBI to conduct a preliminary inquiry into the complaint by a DMK MP alleging irregularities in the seizure of Rs 570 crore from three container trucks in Tirupur district in the run up to the May 16 assembly elections.

On May 13, 2016, the Election Commission's surveillance team at Tirupur chased and seized three container lorries transporting cash to the tune of Rs. 570 crore.

The seized lorries were brought and parked in the office of District Collector of Tirupur from May 14-17, 2016.

The criminal complaint was filed by the DMK represented by its press relations secretary T.K.S. Elangovan. The petitioner alleged that the transfer relates to interstate movement of “huge hawala money” involving two States.

According to Elangovan, huge cash should be transported by rail and escorted by local police which was not done in this case.
He also alleged that the cash transfer was not supported by proper documentation.

The petitioner had alleged that the trucks which carried the cash bore bogus registration numbers and the currency bundles had Axis Bank seal, though it was claimed by State Bank of India.

He had alleged that the officials had conspired and created fake documents to claim the money belonged to SBI.

The DMK MP had submitted that as per Section 154 of CrPC, it was CBI’s duty to register a case the moment a cognizable offence is alleged.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

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