20 June 2016

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Battle of Bastards Story Review

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 Battle of Bastards Story Review

TV Show – Game of Thrones
Season – 6
Episode – 9
Season Episode – 59

Important Dialogues from the Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9
Battle of Bastards

“No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone.” –Sansa Stark

“I have no power. Only what He gives me. And He gave me you.” –Melisandre

“I would never demand. But I’m up for anything really.” –Yara Greyjoy

“Let’s play a game.” –Ramsay Bolton

“Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear… All memory of you will disappear.” –Sansa Stark

“Battles have been won against greater odds,” Jon says.

Story Review of the Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 - Battle of Bastards
Slave masters attack the Meereen.
Daenerys and her council meet with the three slaver masters who assume they are negotiating Daenerys' surrender.
But Daenerys tells the real position and climbs, sit on one of the dragons and with help of other dragons attacks the warships.
while Daario and her Dothraki horde cut down the Sons of the Harpy surrounding the city.

Tyrion, Missandei tells the masters that one of them will die as punishment for breaking their pact.
Two masters, Razdal and Belicho tell that Yezzan is low class he must die but Grey Worm slashes Belicho and Razdals necks instead.

After that Tyrion tells the Yezzan go to your people and tell them what happened
“when Daenerys Stormborn and her dragons came to Meereen.”
Daenerys and Tyrion receive the Greyjoy siblings,
Yara offer their ships in exchange for Dany’s support of Yara’s claim to the Salt Throne.
They tell her that their Uncle Euron returned home and murdered their father, he would have killed them if they haven’t run.
Daenerys tells them days of reaving and raping are over.
Yara tells her that’s the way of Ironborn.
But later she agrees and gives up the Ironborn.
She agrees to support the claim of Daenerys to Iron Throne.
The two clasp arms in agreement

Winterfell –

In a field outside of Winterfell, Jon Snow and his supporters meet with Ramsay Bolton and his contingent.
Snow offers him one to one fight to save thousands.
But Ramsay declines saying his army will beat the army of Jon snow.
Ramsay tells them his dogs have not been fed in a week.
Sansa tells him he will die in the morning.

Jon, Davos and Tormund discuss the battle plans.
Sansa listens from the side.
Once the discussions are over Sansa tells Jon why he does not consult her as she knows about Ramsay.
Sansa tells Snow that Ramsay will murder the Rickon as he is the rightful person to claim the throne and if Rickon lives, Ramsays claim to Winterfell will be contested.

Sansa tells him they should have waited and build a stronger force.
“Battles have been won against greater odds,” Jon says. Sansa makes one thing clear: should Ramsay win, she will not go back to him alive.

Jon’s troops stand in formation across the battlefield from the much larger Bolton army.

Ramsay leads Rickon by rope to the front of the lines and cuts the Rickon’s binds. Releasing the boy, Ramsay tells him to run and Rickon starts to run towards Snow army.
Jon leaps onto his horse and races to reach his brother but arrows kill the Rickon.

In anger Jon forgets all the plans and starts attack on Ramsay Army.
The Stark troops follow their leader into battle while Ramsay commands his archers to loose and his cavalry to charge. Staggering to his feet after his horse is hit, Jon prepares to face oncoming death, but is saved by the arrival of his army men which collides with the Boltons’.

The war starts and Davos realizes that they will die just by standing and orders the remaining men to attack rush forwards.

The Bolton forces then march forward and surround the Stark supporters with a shield wall, and lower their spears.

Wun-Wun the Giant and Tormund attempt to break through, but the shielded troops move forward, skewering Jon’s men and crushing them against each other.

When the wildlings try to flee over the pile of bodies to their rear, they’re met by Ramsay’s own infantry, led by Smalljon Umber.

Jon is knocked down and might be trampled to death. Ramsay watches his imminent victory with glee from the safety of the high ground.

Jon finally claws his way above the fray, looks around, and knows the battle is lost.

Then a warhorn sounds -- the Knights of the Vale have arrived. From a distance, Littlefinger and Sansa observe as the Vale cavalry break the Bolton lines.

Tormund gouges out Smalljon’s eyes and finishes the kill.

Jon spots Ramsay headed back to Winterfell, and he, Tormund, and Wun-Wun tear after the Warden of the North.

Ramsay enters the Winterfell and thinks he can wait out any siege.
But Tall Giant Wun-Wun, using what’s left of his energy, breaks through the heavy doors.

The giant’s body shields the wildlings from the Bolton arrows, allowing them to rush into the courtyard and take it.

As Jon goes to see to Wun-Wun’s wounds, the last of the giants is killed by an arrow to the eye.

Ramsay, standing with bow and quiver, taunts Jon, “You suggested one-on-one combat, didn’t you?…I’ve reconsidered.”

As Ramsay draws and looses, Jon snatches a shield and blocks the arrows with singularly focus.

Finally he reaches Ramsay and pummels him. He stops only when he sees Sansa: Ramsay is not his to kill.

The Stark banner goes up and Jon instructs his men to bury Rickon in the crypt, next to Ned.
Sansa heads to the kennels where the bloodied Ramsay is chained to a chair.

Her former torturer tells her, “You can’t kill me. I’m part of you now.”
As the hounds pad forward, Ramsay is confident his beasts are loyal.
“They were,” Sansa says, “but now they’re starving.” An animal sniffs, then rips into Ramsay’s face. He screams as the other dogs join in.

Sansa watches for a moment then turns away, smiling at her revenge.

Season 6 Episode 9 Battle of Bastards Rating –
Story moves fast, Dragons fight, Ramsay War Plan, Intelligence of Sansa works
Episode Rating – 8 stars / 10 stars
Overall All Season Rating – 9 Stars / 10 stars

Next Episode No. 60
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Release Date – June 26, 2016
Season 6 – Episode No. 9, Serial Episode 60
Episode Title –  The Winds of Winter

When Game of Thrones Season 7 will come back to Television?
Game of Thrones Season 7 Dates
my own anticipation  is that  Season 7 will be aired in April 2017 or after April with 10 Episodes and Announcement of Game of Thrones Season 8
HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for Season 7 once again all the fans will have to wait until next year that is April 2017.
The Game of Thrones Season 7 may air in the Month of April 2017 or afterwards.

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