12 April 2016

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Windows 10 adds QR codes to troubleshoot Crashes Problems

Windows 10 adds QR codes to troubleshoot Crashes Problems

The latest build of Windows 10, 14316, now includes a QRCode that could potentially carry more information about the error.

In future if you encounter the "Blue Screen of Death" when you use Windows 10 or your pc suffers problems or crashes you will see the QR code and to solve this problem you will have to just give the photo of QR code to Microsoft support or you can go to the link and solve your own problems.

How you will give the QR code to support?
users could use a smartphone and scan the code, which can then take the user to a specific support page.
They could get more info on the error and troubleshoot their PC to find out what caused the crash and prevent it from happening again.

Currently QR code is in a testing phase so you will not get much information on help pages.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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Kirtivasan Ganesan April 12, 2016  

When Windows 8 arrived, there were problems. During early Windows 8 days, the video did not work. There was a message that video DLL is occupied by another process. I did not understand. In about a month's time video started working without the occupied message. Probably due to Windows updates.
In Windows 10, there are some problems. But no error message. This too will get solved by Windows 10 updates.
In my Dell laptop blue screen of death happened. I had to change the whole motherboard as problems were severe. Now it's repaired and is on Windows 10. But printer not working with laptop.

lina@women perspective April 12, 2016  

Haven't yet tried Windows 10.

Merina Subrina April 01, 2022  

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