13 April 2016

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List of English words which mean very different in USA and UK

List of English words which mean very different in USA and UK

Below is the list of English words which mean very different things in USA and UK.

1 -A jumper
UK - A woollen pullover worn in the winter
USA - Someone who commits suicide by leaping from a building or bridge

2 -A rubber
UK -An eraser for a pencil
USA - A condom

3 -Nappy
UK -Something a baby wears
USA - Frizzy or hairy

4 -The first floor
UK -The floor above the ground floor
USA-The ground floor of a building

UK-Flaps attached to a race horse's face to restrict its vision
USA-Indicators on a car

6-A casket
UK-Another word for jewellery box
USA- Another word for coffin

7-Fancy dress
UK-Informal party wear, dressing up as a well-known character
USA-Formal party wear, including ball gowns and black tie

8-A flapjack
UK-A flat oatmeal snack
USA-A type of pancake

9 -A geezer
UK -A gang member, tough guy
USA-An old man

UK-Used to describe a comfortable, cosy house
USA-Used to describe someone who is plain or ugly

11- A hoo-ha
UK-An argument or disagreement
USA-Female genitalia

12-A moot point
UK-Something that is up for debate
USA-Something that is irrelevant

UK-Nervous or prone to fidget
USA-Bold or confident

UK-Slightly hungry
USA- Irritable or angry

15 -A run-in
UK-The end of a race
USA-An argument or dispute

16 -Shattered
UK -Exhausted
USA-Emotionally devastated

17 -Solicitor
UK -A legal representative
USA- A door-to-door salesman

UK – Gym shoes
USA - professional that works with you in a gym with you

UK –underwear

UK-shopping cart
USA-public transportation conveyance

USA-homeless person

UK – Invoice
USA – Dollar Bill 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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JAMSHED AZMI April 13, 2016  

Very nice and interesting post here. Useful for us.

Destination Infinity April 14, 2016  

So if pants are not called so in UK & USA, I guess it's an Indian word? :P

Destination Infinity