21 March 2016

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Part 1 Facts Explained Game of Thrones Historical Series story

Part 1 Facts Explained Game of Thrones Historical Series story

Series Name – Game of Thrones
Original HBO Series
Game of Thrones is the most pirated series since 2012
File-sharing news website TorrentFreak estimated Game of Thrones to be the most-pirated TV series every year since 2012 and illegal downloads grew to about 7 million in the first quarter of 2015, up 45% from 2014.
One episode was downloaded about 4,280,000 times through public Bit Torrent trackers in 2012, about equal to the number of broadcast viewers.

Reason of Piracy –
1-Subscription Cost
2-Not available easily outside USA
3- Fans outside of USA Cannot wait to see the episode once its released in US and solution is download online do the piracy even if someone does not wish to pirate the serial.

Based on - A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin
Created by -David Benioff, D. B. Weiss
Country of origin – USA

Story Genre – Fantasy, Drama, Thriller, Historical

No. Seasons – 5 completed
No. of Episodes – 50 completed
Original release - April 17, 2011
premiered on HBO in the United States on April 17, 2011
Season 6 will air from April 24, 2016

Serial, Season Ratings – 10 stars out of 10 stars
Not a Single Indian, Hindi Television serial can match the Game of Thrones serial

Location shot at - It is filmed in a Belfast studio and Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, United States, Canada

Awards –
The series has won 26 Primetime Emmy Awards, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2015—when it set a record for most wins for a series in a single year—and numerous other awards and nominations, including three Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, a Peabody Award, and three Golden Globe Award nominations. From among the ensemble cast, Peter Dinklage won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film for his performance as Tyrion Lannister.
In 2015, it set a record for winning the most number of Emmy Awards for a series in a single year, winning 12 out of 24 nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series. Overall, the show has won 190 industry awards and been nominated for 510.

Writing of story, Development of story of Game of Thrones –
Game of Thrones has used seven writers over the course of five seasons.
Series creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss are the showrunners and write the majority of the episodes each season.

A Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin wrote one episode in each of the first four seasons, but has not written an episode for the fifth or sixth seasons.
Jane Espenson co-wrote one episode for the first season as a freelance writer.

Bryan Cogman, who initially was a script coordinator for the series was promoted to a producer beginning with the fifth season. Cogman wrote at least one episode for the first five seasons, and is the only other writer to be in the writers' room with Benioff and Weiss; besides Vanessa Taylor, who was a writer during the second and third seasons.

Dave Hill joined the writing staff for the fifth season after previously working as an assistant to Benioff and Weiss.

Martin is not in the writers' room, but reads the script outlines and gives notes.

Benioff and Weiss sometimes assign various characters to each writer; for example, Cogman was assigned Arya for the fourth season. From there, the writers spend a few weeks writing a character outline, including what material from the novels to use and what the themes are. After the individual outlines are complete, the writers spend another two-to-three weeks discussing each main character's individual arc, and arrange them episode-by-episode.

From there, a detailed outline is created and each of the writers work on a portion of it, to create a script for each episode.

Cogman, who wrote two episodes for the fifth season, took a month and a half to complete both scripts. The scripts are then read by Benioff and Weiss, who give notes, and then parts of script are rewritten.

All ten episodes are written before filming begins, as all the episodes are filmed simultaneously, out of order, and using two separate units in different countries

Season – Schedule
The five seasons filmed so far each consist of ten episodes, with an average runtime of 55 minutes per episode.

Season 1 –
First Aired – April 17, 2011
Last Aired - June 19, 2011

Season 2 –
First Aired – April 1, 2012
Last Aired - June 3, 2012

Season 3 –
First Aired –  March 31, 2013
Last Aired - June 9, 2013

Season 4 –
First Aired – April 6, 2014
Last Aired - June 15, 2014

Season 5 –
First Aired – April 12, 2015
Last Aired - June 14, 2015

Season 6 –
The series has been renewed for a sixth season which will premiere on April 24, 2016.

In January 2016, HBO began discussions for a potential two-season renewal, consisting of season seven and eight

Beginning January 23, 2015, the last two episodes of season four were shown in 205 IMAX theaters in the U.S.
Game of Thrones is the first TV series released in this format.
The show earned $686,000 in its opening day at the box office and $1.5 million during its opening weekend

Game of Thrones – Nobel Houses and names of places
1-House Arryn
2- House Greyjoy
3- House Targaryen
4- People of Essos
5- Night's Watch
6- House Baratheon
7- House Lannister
8- House Tully
9- People of Westeros
10- Beyond the Wall
11- House Bolton
12- House Martell
13- House Tyrell
14- Royal court and officials
15- Animals
16- House Frey
17- House Stark
18 – House of Black and White, Braavos - a temple to the Many-faced God
19- city of Meereen
20 – Qarth, city of Astapor
21- Septa of the Faith of the Seven
22 - Brotherhood without Banners
23- King's Landing – Iron Throne

Story Commences -
For thousands of years, Westeros has been divided up into a handful of small feudal kingdoms constantly warring with each other, except when joining forces to combat a mysterious enemy in the far North known only by the scariest of postmodern constructions: “the Others. “

But the Others have been absent from the scene for millennia. Three hundred years before the present day (that is, when the story line of “Game of Thrones” commences), Westeros is conquered from an entirely different direction. Swooping down from the sky on fire-breathing dragons, Aegon Targaryen the Conqueror and his two sisters, Rhaenys and Visenya, lead an invading army that crushes the indigenous resistance. The new Targaryen dynasty fits neatly on top of the exiting feudal order — think Plantagenets, except with dragons.

To keep “the blood of the dragon pure” the Targaryen royal family follow the Egyptian Pharaonic habit of requiring intermarriage between sister and brother.
The last ruling Targaryen — “Mad King Aerys” provokes a successful rebellion led by three of the most prominent families of the pre-Targaryen era —
1-the Baratheons,
(By this point, the family dragons have all died out, which greatly simplifies the uprising process.)

story begins about 15 years after the rebellion that overthrew the Targaryens.

Robert Baratheon is king, married to Cersei Lannister. His close ally and friend, Ned Stark, resides in the castle of Winterfell in the harsh North, not far from a magnificent Wall carved out of ice many centuries earlier to protect the lower kingdoms from the depredations of the Others.

The last surviving members of the Targaryen family, Aerys’ heirs, the none-too-stable Viserys and his sister Daenerys who later on becomes the mother of dragons, have been smuggled to another continent, where they seek allies who will help them regain their kingdom from the Baratheon usurper.

Everyone fights and dies for his master or to sit on the Iron Throne as King and rule the seven kingdoms

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