08 February 2016

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Does India need National Judicial Oversight Committee

Does India need National Judicial Oversight Committee

Congress and BJP both tried to control the Honorable Indian Supreme Court of India by bringing the NJAC but Supreme Court of India failed that attempt of Indian politicians to indirectly take full control of Indian Judiciary same like CBI and Police Department.

Now BJP Government has proposed to bring a new legislation to constitute a National Judicial Oversight Committee for judicial accountability where the law minister will be one of the three members of the panel.

Who will be the three members of the National Judicial Oversight Committee?
Following three people will form the National Judicial Oversight Committee
1-Law Minister -  he will represent Indian Politicians
2- Eminent person – a person who is considered good in the books of elected politicians, who will speak the language of Indian government
3- Chief Justice of India (CJI)

Suggested Reform is All 3 panel members should be former Chief Justices of India.

Whenever any politician will get included in such type of commission or committee it will slowly take over the independence of Indian Judiciary.

What will be the job or duty of the National Judicial Oversight Committee?
In Present system all complaints against judges are referred to the CJI and he, along with other judges decides the course of action and it is working finely has no loopholes.

The three-member oversight committee will be empowered to develop its own procedures and make rules for creation of similar structures at the state level.

The new committee proposed by BJP Government is based on the British System.

The Judicial Complaints Investigations Office (in the UK) handles complaints against judges and provides advice and assistance to the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor in their performance of this joint responsibility

Please do not compare and copy British system its failed system it has no future.

Once UK ruled the world and today no one fears UK.
Just think on the question, a man has murdered a person now he is running away
He got 2 options –
1 - He can go to USA
2- He can go to UK
Where he will feel more safe and where he will go?
Remember the actions of USA and UK in the past.
USA has policy to punish wherever you are if you commit crime USA government will come after you and it will get you bring you to Justice system.
This will never happen in UK.

Today in India, performance of Indian Judiciary is excellent.
We got impeachment procedure.
We got Enforcement Department, Tax Department, CBI if any Judge is taking bribes investigate him, and impeach him.

Let us hope Supreme Court of India will tell the government that there is no place for politician in such committees.

India does not need any committee which includes a politician.
India does not need any eminent person on such committee who will speak in the language of government.

First Bring the Jan Lokpal Bill then talk about controlling Judges.
First Bring the accountability for MPs, MLA, elected politicians and government servants with clause to send them to Jail

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Monday, February 8, 2016

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Destination Infinity February 08, 2016  

I agree that none of the members of the committee should be politicians. But I think committee is required - Judges should also be accountable for their actions.

Destination Infinity

rudraprayaga February 11, 2016  

Accountability is needed,provided the only politician is the law minister and the others are chief justice and a renowned administrator with flawless limbs.If judiciary is capped by politicians anarchy will crop up in this soil. good info.