02 January 2016

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Timeline of Terrorist Attack at Pathankot Air Force Station

Timeline of Terrorist Attack at Pathankot Air Force Station

Timeline of Terrorist Attack at Pathankot Air Force Naval Station
This is the second terror attack in Punjab in the last 6 months.

30th December 2015 – Gunmen entered India

1st January 2016 – NSA altered Army, Air force and Punjab Police and NSG
2nd January 2016 – Attack Started

Gunmen used AK47, GPS Devices 

Indian Government has credible information that the terror attack in Pathankot was hatched by some elements in Pakistan, Union minister Kiren Rijiju said on Saturday.

Thursday –
On Thursday, the men, dressed in army dress, had hijacked the official vehicle of the police officer in Pathankot.
They had assaulted the officer, pushed him off the car and took away his cellphone. Later, they used his cellphone to contact their handlers in Punjab

30 December 2015
They crossed into India from the unfenced section of the international border and proceeded towards Punjab

Late on Friday night Indian security agencies intercepted 4 telephone calls.
It appeared that a group of terrorists were planning to launch an attack at Punjab's Pathankot.
As per media reports of the four calls made, three were to handlers in Pakistan, in which the terrorists reported the assault made on a senior police officer in Punjab. In the fourth, an attacker was heard calling his mother

Army Spokesperson said that based on the above intel Army had placed Two-Army Columns and a Special Force team in the Pathankot base prior to the attack
National Security Guard, Special Forces of the Indian Army and additional soldiers were moved to various installations at Pathankot.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Location of the Pathankot Air Force Station –
The Pathankot IAF facility, located about 40 km away from the border with Pakistan, has MiG-21 fighter planes and Mi-25 attack helicopters.
Pathankot air force base is about 430km (270 miles) north of the Indian capital, Delhi and is on the road linking Indian-administered Kashmir with the rest of the country.

3 to 4 am IST –
Terrorist used land cruiser and pajero
The gunmen drove a hijacked car when they launched the attack
Number of Terrorist – 4 to 6
The gunfire started at around 3.30 a.m.
They entered living quarters at the base, but were contained there and so were unable to cause any damage to military hardware, said air force spokeswoman Rochelle D'Silva.

The gun battle, claimed the lives of two Air Force personal and one Garuda commando.

The strike is being suspected to have been launched by the terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed

Security forces killed four terrorists

Three Indian Force personnel were also killed in the encounter.

Two IAF helicopters also assisted arm forces

NSA Ajit Dobhal monitored the situation

Names of Handlers –
Mohamad Ashfaq and Haji Abdul

What was the plan of the Terrorist?
To damage Air Force Station, mainly the MiG-29 fighter aircraft and helicopters
But they are safe now

Gunmen took training for six months, may be they are related with Al Rahman Trust

Names of the 3 Indian soldiers who died fighting the five Pakistan-based terrorists at the Pathankot air force base on Saturday.

A Defense Security Corps (DSC) personnel, Hony Capt. Fateh Singh of Gurdaspur’s Jhanda Gujjaran village. The DSC is a specialized unit that provides security at defense ministry sites.
He had retired from the 15 Dogra Regiment and joined the DSC.
In 1995, Fateh has won gold and silver in the 300m big bore team and individual events during the first Commonwealth Shooting Championship held in Delhi.

DSC Personnel Havildar Kulwant Singh of Chak Sharif village in Gurdaspur district died fighting the terrorist.
He retired from the army in 2004, joined the DSC in 2006
He was transferred from Odisha to Pathankot air station two months ago.

Lt Col Niranjan Kumar who was with the National Security Guard (NSG), was killed while attempting to move the body of a terrorist, who had improvised an explosive device under his body.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

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Sandhya January 04, 2016  

Feel so sad. Modi went to Pakistan to smoothen the situation and immediately they are doing this. When will this end?

Bikram January 04, 2016  

Politics is a dirty game.. inspite of intelligence we were unable to stop this from happening.

Sad that brave Men in uniform had to Die .. may they rest in peace..