10 December 2015

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Time Line Bollywood Star Salman Khan acquitted Hit and Run Case 2002

Time Line Bollywood Star Salman Khan acquitted Hit and Run Case 2002

Following is the Time Line of Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

September 28, 2002:
Salman's white-color Toyota Land Cruiser crashes into American Express Bakery at Hill Road at Bandra killing one person and injuring four others.
Salman's blood samples taken.
Salman arrested by Bandra police, granted bail.

Names of the poor people who were killed or injured in the accident
1-Nurullah Mehboob Sharif, the man who was killed in the accident,
2-Kalim Mohammed Pathan - injured
3-Munna Malai Khan - injured
4-Abdullah Rauf Shaikh – injured
5-Muslim Shaikh – injured

October 1:
Salman booked under provisions of IPC, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949

Oct 2002:
Mumbai Police invokes section 304-II of IPC i.e. culpable homicide not amounting to murder which attracts punishment of jail term of 10 years.

Oct 7, 2002:
Salman surrenders again before Bandra police, he is arrested.

Oct 21, 2002:
Mumbai police files charge sheet in Bandra magistrate court.

Oct 24, 2002:
 Salman granted bail.

March 2003:
Salman challenges application of section 304-II of IPC in Mumbai sessions court.

May 2003:
Sessions court rejects the plea, asks magistrate court to frame charges.

June 2003:
Salman moves Bombay High Court, which opines that section 304-II of IPC not application in the case.

October 2003:
Maharashtra government challenges Bombay HC order in Supreme Court.

December 2003:
SC rules that the magistrate court may decide whether section 304-II of IPC could be applied.

October 2006:
Magistrate frames charges against Salman.

October 3, 2007:
Police bodyguard Ravindra Patil, who filed the first FIR, dies of TB.

October 2011:
Prosecution demands Salman must be tried under harsher sections.

Year 2012 -
A Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate, who conducted the trial under lesser charge of rash and negligent driving, which carries a maximum punishment of two years, had in 2012 slapped the more serious offence of culpable homicide and committed the matter to the session’s court.

December 23, 2013:
Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate V S Patil, after examining 17 witnesses, invokes the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder on the actor and refers the case to session’s court for trial.

June 24, 2013:
Sessions court holds that culpable homicide charge is applicable, rejects Salman's appeal against the order of magistrate.

April 27, 2014:
Fresh trial begins in session’s court, first witness deposes.

July 24, 2014:
Charges framed against Salman in fresh trial by sessions court.

July 2014:
Files in the case disappear from Bandra police station. Original statements of 63 witnesses reported missing. Court orders inquiry.

September 12, 2014:
Files found and produced before court.

September 2014:
Pradeep Gharat appointed Special Public Prosecutor in this case.

March 25, 2015:
Prosecution closes evidence after examining 24 witnesses.

March 27:
Salman's statement recorded under section 313 CrPC by Additional Sessions Judge D W Deshpande.

March 31:
Salman's driver Ashok Singh examined as defense witness, says he was driving the car and not the actor.

April 1:
Prosecution beings’ arguments.

April 10:
Salman's lawyer begins arguments.

April 20:
Arguments conclude.

April 21: Court says it would give judgement on May 6.

May 6:
All charges against Salman Khan are proven in the case. The actor is pronounced guilty by Mumbai's Session Court.
Sentenced to 5 years Jail

December 10, 2015 –
Bombay High Court
Salman Khan has been acquitted of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case.
Failed to produce evidence.

Bombay High Court said following –
The appeal is allowed. The trial court's verdict is quashed and set aside. Salman is acquitted of all charges.

This court has come to conclusion that the prosecution has failed to bring material on record to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant (Salman Khan) was driving and under the influence of alcohol, also, whether the accident occurred due to bursting (of tyre) prior to the incident or tyre burst after the incident

There are various shortcomings by the prosecution like not recording evidence of necessary and important witnesses and omissions and contradictions in the evidence of injured witnesses, which definitely create a doubt about the involvement of Salman for offences for which he has been charged.

Salman Khan's former now deceased — police body guard, the first informant in the 2002 case against the actor, who was in the vehicle and was the crucial witness on whose testimony and "improved statement" about "Salman's speeding" the prosecution had rested its case, was "not a wholly reliable witness".

The judge said the testimony of the injured, who had, "after 12 years" said that he had seen the actor fall down twice before running away, to suggest drunkenness, has several "omissions".

Now question remains who was driving car?
Who will go to jail?
May be accident never happened.

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