27 October 2015

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India P-Notes Investments reaches Rs.2.54 lakh crore

India P-Notes Investments reaches Rs.2.54 lakh crore
According to SEBI Participatory Notes, or P-Notes, mode investment into India's capital markets grew to Rs. 254,000 crores (around $39 billion) at the end of September compared with the previous month.

The total value of P-Notes investment in Indian markets increased to Rs. 253,875 crores at September-end, from Rs. 253,310 crores in the previous month.

P-Notes investment option is used by the people who want to hide their ownership of investment.

Nobody knows including Government of India who is the real beneficiary, owner of the invested money.

It is the safest method using which Indian black money holders can convert their black money into white money.

The SIT on black money had recommended that the know your client norms for P-Notes be further improved.

In past Congress party did nothing regarding this and now BJP said it has no intention of putting an overnight ban on P-Notes

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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