26 October 2015

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Confirmed Underworld Don Chhota Rajan arrested in Bali

Confirmed Underworld Don Chhota Rajan arrested in Bali

The CBI on Monday confirmed the arrest of underworld don Chhota Rajan, a fugitive wanted in India

Rajan was caught by Indonesian police in Bali on Sunday

CBI director Anil Sinha told TOI following
 "On the request of CBI (Interpol-India), Bali Police has arrested Rajan, who has other names - Mohan Kumar alias Rajendra Sadhashiv Nikhalji alias Chhota Rajan,"
"We thank authorities in Australia and Indonesia for their prompt assistance. Further investigation and identification are being carried out and further action will be taken as required under law,"

Media reported that it was on the tip off from Australia that Bali police caught Rajan.

Bali police spokesman Heri Wiyanto told to media following
Acting on a tip-off from Australian police, Indonesian authorities detained Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje, alias 'Chhota Rajan' yesterday as he arrived in the popular resort island of Bali from Sydney,

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Monday, October 26, 2015

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Jamshed Azmi October 26, 2015  

A good news here. Good work and Good job.

Sandhya October 27, 2015  

Good. As usual, like all criminals do, this one also is smiling at the camera!

Bikram October 28, 2015  

Good .. lets see he gets what he should ... and law doesnot take a LONGgggggggggg time