04 October 2015

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Dadri Beef Murder BJP leader’s son among two arrested for lynching

Dadri Beef Murder BJP leader’s son among two arrested for lynching
Akhlaq was lynched on the suspicion that he had killed a brown spotted calf and stored its meat in his refrigerator.

Two youth, one of them the son of a local BJP leader, were arrested on Saturday for allegedly playing a key role in the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq at his home in Bisada village on Monday night

TOI, CNNIBN reported Vishal is the son of local BJP leader Sanjay Rana, whose role the Akhlaq family had mentioned in its FIR.

Police said the two were among the four key accused.
The other two, Saurabh and Rupender, are still missing.

The police have so far arrested eight of the 10 accused.

How and why they murdered him?
Time line

Monday night, a child in Bisada apparently spotted Akhlaq dumping some meat in a plastic bag near a transformer close to his house.

The boy told some locals about this.

10.15 pm
Vishal, Shivam, Saurabh and Rupender then reportedly went to the spot around and checked the plastic bag.

the four immediately concluded that the meat in the plastic bag was that of the calf, which, therefore, must have been slaughtered.

They then went to the temple and woke the priest up, and got him to operate the loudspeaker, from which they announced that Akhlaq had slaughtered the brown calf and its meat was in his house.
it was allegedly announced on a temple loudspeaker that the family had slaughtered a cow and stored the meat.

They also asked people to gather outside Akhlaq's house.

10.30 pm –
the four entered Akhlaq's house and asked to check his refrigerator.
They found meat there.
then they started thrashing Akhlaq.
They misbehaved with his wife, mother and daughter.
They dragged him to the main road near the transformer, where other people were also standing.
While thrashing him, a person hit him on the head with a brick, which killed him

11.00 pm –
A police team reached the murder spot
the mob had vanished
Akhlaq subsequently died.
his younger son is in a critical condition.

This is the rarest of rare of cases

Controlling the food habits of people is not the duty of government.
Banning food is not the duty of government

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

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rudraprayaga October 05, 2015  

Stringent punishment should be the result of such cases. We are in an independent democratic country. We should decide what should be and should not be eaten. If we don't need meat, how can we control others. Really felt sad for the bereaved. I second certain policies of BJP.But this is beyond limit.