14 September 2015

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Video Lady Astrologer Slaps Maharaj on live Show debating Radhe Ma

Video Lady Astrologer Slaps Maharaj on live Show debating Radhe Ma
Watch female panelist slapping other panelist on Radhe Maa Discussion

TV  - IBN7
Show Name – Aaj Ka Mudda
What Happened in show - female lady slapped Maharaj in live show and both fought with each other

A self-proclaimed astrologer, Deepa Sharma slapped another self-proclaimed Dhram Guru Om Ji Maharaj on IBN7’s debate show ‘Aaj Ka Mudda’ when discussions revolving around another self-proclaimed God-woman Radhe Ma. 
The incident occurred when during the heated discussion astrologer Deepa Sharma slapped swami Omji Maharaj following which he also physically assaulted her.

Watch the video both Panelist fighting with each other

Watch video Lady Astrologer Slaps Baba On Live TV Show While Debating On Radhe Ma

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Monday, September 14, 2015

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Bikramjit Singh Mann September 15, 2015  

I saw that video.. and MALE also slapped the lady backy.. HOW very interesting and how very DEVINE of him



Kirtivasan Ganesan September 16, 2015  

He seemed to believe in equality. Yes, that is the reason, I think why he did not hesitate to hit the disgusting lady.

rudraprayaga September 17, 2015  

When one is in trouble,one reaches the abode of any satan.