23 September 2015

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Sanatan Sanstha Advice for Men Long Hair Reduces Sperm Count

Sanatan Sanstha Advice for Men Long Hair Reduces Sperm Count
Goa based religious organization Sanatan Sanstha says that
Men should not keep long hair and females should keep only long hair.

In its article Sanstha says following –
For men, it is always necessary to have short hair. There are different kinds of men at different spiritual levels. At greater spiritual levels, the length of the hair does not matter.

For an average individual on the other hand, long hair symbolizes fickleness, there is emission of Raja-Tama waves, thus polluting the environment. This denotes distress due to negative energies. Emission of Raja-Tama predominant waves from the hair forms an environment around body that leads to negative energies getting attracted to the sound emitting from it. As a result, there is a danger of negative energies entering the body through the flow of swiftly emitted Raja-Tama predominant waves. Due to contact with Raja-predominant waves emitting from hair, the suryanadi (Sun channel) remains constantly active; this produces heat in the body which keeps spreading in the body, resulting in reduction in the sperm count.

Man is Shiv-predominant, meaning, he is patient by nature; hence, growing of hair is harmful to his basic nature which leans towards stability.

Science in why the Sikhs grow hair as per Sanatan Sanstha

there is a tradition amongst the Sikh men to grow hair.
Abiding by traditions in the respective sect is a matter of faith of the followers of the sect. When the tradition is abided by (on the basis of faith), we get its appropriate fruit. As per this rule, it is not inappropriate for the Sikhs to grow hair as a matter of faith in Dharma; however, it will be spiritually beneficial for the Sikhs who do not abide by Dharma to cut their hair.

Why should women grow hair?
Hindu Dharma stipulates that, ‘A woman should keep her hair long since this action is complementary to her basic nature that is based on Raja component’.
a woman with long hair looks more humble and polite than a woman with short hair.

When the spiritual level of a woman is less than 50%, she is protected to some extent from waves emitting from Patal (Hell region) due to Raja-predominant waves emitting from her long hair

I never read such things in any respected science general or science book.

Nothing Supreme than the Humanity, Human Rights and Science which keeps changing and evolving

Maharashtra Government sent proposal of ban on Sanatan in 2011.
Home Secretary R K Singh sat on d file.
In 2014 he became BJP MP

The members of Sanatan Sanstha are accused of murdering, killing Communist leader Govind Pansare in February 2015

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The below article was published by Sanatan Sanstha on July 14, 2015

Sanatan Sanstha Advice for Men Keeping Long Hair Reduction in Sperm Count

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