23 September 2015

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Government Scraps Draft Encryption Policy withdrawn

Government Scraps Draft Encryption Policy withdrawn
After the uproar from social media and citizens of India showing intelligence BJP Government on Tuesday scrapped a draft national encryption policy that made compulsory for all Indian citizens to allow authorities access to all encrypted information on email, apps, websites and business servers.

According to the original draft, the encryption policy made it compulsory for all the Indian citizens who use social apps or internet to store all the internet messages in plain text format for 90 days made available on demand to security agencies.
Failure to do so, it added, would draw legal action

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union minister for communications and information technology, distanced the government from the draft hosted on the IT department site
“Experts had framed the draft policy. It is not the government’s final view.”
Prasad told to media following “Yesterday (Monday), it was brought to our notice that the draft had been put in the public domain for, seeking comment. I read the draft. I understand that the manner in which it was written could lead to misconceptions. I have asked for the draft policy to be withdrawn and reworded. I personally feel some of the expressions used in the draft are giving rise to uncalled-for misgivings,”

BJP knows the power of social media and its impact as soon as they realize the problem they started to make changes first draft was circulated, after that it was amended and finally showing intelligence Government scrapped the foolish encryption policy.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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