03 August 2015

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Rs. 100 Crore Cricket Scam due to BJPs Dhumal, Thakur alleges Congress

Rs. 100 Crore Cricket Scam due to BJPs Dhumal, Thakur alleges Congress

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Sunday told to reporters that When Dhumal, the former Himachal chief minister, was in power in 2002, he allotted 16 acres of land in Dharamsala to the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA), headed by his son Thakur.

He said the land was for building a stadium. The then Himachal Pradesh government, which should have annually earned Rs.94 lakh as rent for the land, got a mere Rs.12.

Stating that the state cabinet headed by Dhumal "approved the grant of land to HPCA for 99 years but changed the lease amount to a token rate of Re.1 per month",

Ramesh said: "Dhumal and his son Thakur together have misused the public property and the office held by them."

"The lease is for 99 years. Therefore, the government will bear the loss that will be around Rs.100 crore,"
They have grabbed the land illegally and it is a matter of conflict of interest," the Congress leader said, adding that the stadium was also being used for commercial purposes in gross violation of the approval given by the state cabinet.

"The transfer of land smacks of "blatant constitutional impropriety, patent conflict of interest, glaring misuse of office, usurpation of public property and duping of public exchequer," Ramesh said.

Further, the 16 acres of allotted land was referred to a company called Aveda for commercial purposes in gross violation of contract, the Congress leader said.

The Congress leader said Thakur also changed the HPCA from a society to a company to avoid accountability

Anurag Thakur, who is currently the BCCI secretary, was the president of HPCA when the land for the stadium was given on lease.

currently matter is in court.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

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