03 August 2015

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BJP bans Pornography Can Congress fight for freedom of speech

BJP bans Pornography Can Congress fight for freedom of speech

Currently in India most internet service providers (ISPs) – including Vodafone, MTNL, ACT, Hathway, BSNL and Tata, You Broadband has banned the porn sites

Everyone knows that Indian Internet companies have banned porn websites in India.
But Comedy of Indian democracy is that no one knows who banned the Porn sites in India.

As Government of India has not issued any statement I do not know BJP has ordered a ban or not

Only government controls the Internet companies and can order them to ban porn sites.

Thus we must assume that BJP Government has ordered the ban on porn sites.

Where ever people vote for religious parties the same happens just one has to read the history.

For religious organizations and parties for them Religion is supreme and they do not follow and support Human Rights

What is the reason to ban pornography?

What is Kamasutra?
Kamasutra = Developed in Asia, India

What is Tantra which also few times includes tantra with sex?
Tantra = Developed in Asia, India

Everyone knows that BJP is religious party.

Congress always says Congress is secular party

Now question is Can Congress party will fight for the common man’s freedoms,
Freedom to do anything in four walls of home

This is the golden opportunity for the Rahul Gandhi to openly support the freedom of individuals and Indians to establish himself as the national leader who fights for the common man when required

TOI reported that the government has asked telecom operators and internet service providers (ISPs) to block 857 porn sites
Sources said the order was issued under provisions of the Information Technology Act as well as Article 19(2) of the Constitution, which empowered the government to impose restrictions to enforce decency or morality, among other things.

How to watch blocked sites?
Use VPN and Proxy Services which are widely and freely available.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

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Destination Infinity August 03, 2015  

Not everything can be allowed in the name of freedom of speech. But at the same time, transparency is required and people should be informed with good arguments on the merits of decisions taken. Maybe they can even have debates, expert opinion, etc. before implementing the ban. Lack of transparency worries me.

Destination Infinity