30 May 2015

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Maggi Case filed against Nestle Amitabh, Madhuri Dixit

Maggi Case filed against Nestle Amitabh Bachhan, Madhuri Dixit Preity Zinta

Case against Nestle India and five others was filed by the UP food regulator FSDA (Food Safety and Drug Administration) over safety standards of its Maggi product.

The FSDA had found monosodium glutamate and lead in excess of the prescribed limit in Maggi samples tested by it.

The FSDA had collected the samples from the Easy Day store in Barabanki and had sent the consignment for testing, which showed that the quantum of lead present was 17 times more than the stipulated limit, which is considered hazardous.

Barabanki Food Safety Officer V K Pandey told to media "Following FSDA Commissioner P P Singh's permission to file a case against Nestle India, a case has been filed in the court of ACJM (Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate)
The case has been lodged against the company's
Nestle Nagal Kalan Industrial Area unit (Haroli, Una in HP),
Delhi-based Nestle India Limited, an Easy Day outlet in Barabanki
And the Delhi-based parent firm Easy Day, as also against and their FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) managers, Mohan Gupta and Shabab Alam, Pandey said.
A local advocate filed a separate case against the three Bollywood stars actors Amitabh Bachhan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta

Reason to file case - promoting the 'two-minute' noodles brand.

The advocate said he has lodged the case in the court of CJM against the three film stars who have claimed the instant noodles as healthy in TV promotions under sections 420, 272, 273 and 109.

One needs to understand the concept of advertising.
Let us hope CJM court will reject the case on the first day of the hearing.

This clearly shows that India needs to improve,change our laws and legal system.
Our legal system and our laws = Total Failure = Majority doesn’t fear doing corruption or breaking the laws openly - file unnessary cases - backlog of cases - justice for rich only

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Destination Infinity May 31, 2015  

I think the case against the company is valid, but not sure how much validity is there in the case against actors who promoted the products.

Destination Infinity

Happy Kitten May 31, 2015  

We trust certain companies and when they do things to make us loose this trust then they should be punished. As for film stars, it is their job to act but they can choose to be ethical while promoting things. But can law force them to be ethical?