20 April 2015

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Gujarat Liquor worth Rs 5.32 lakh seized from Amul Dairy chairman's plot

Gujarat Liquor worth Rs 5.32 lakh seized from Amul Dairy chairman's plot

Gujarat Police told me media that liquor bottles worth around Rs 5.32 lakh was seized from a plot owned by Congress MLA and Amul Dairy chairman Ramsinh Parmar at Thasra town in the district on Sunday

"A total of 2023 beer bottles worth Rs 4.84 lakh and 18 boxes of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) worth around Rs 48,200 were seized from Parmar's plot in Thasra town.

Police have arrested three persons including a minor under the Prohibition Act,"

They were unloading the consignment of liquor bottles from an Eicher truck in a godown located inside Parmar's plot when a police team caught them

This once again proves that Gujarat Policy of ban on  liquor is failed and is nothing but another law which encourages creation of black money, encourages the private deals and bribe culture.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

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Destination Infinity April 20, 2015  

I disagree with you on this point SM. Even though black market might exist in Gujarat, the amount of liquor consumption should have come down drastically because of the ban. And since liquor is bad for health (please read primary science books) I think its ban is justified. In the name of freedom of choice, Govt. cannot allow everything. I support the Gujarat Government on this ban.

Destination Infinity

SM April 21, 2015  

@Destination Infinity

same views are applied when people say girls should not use mobile phone and other things.
Noting is important than freedom of individual and choice and Human Rights.