14 April 2015

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Government takes control of Judges Appointment Notifies NJAC End of Collegium system

Government takes control of Judges Appointment Notifies NJAC End of Collegium system

NDA Government on Monday finally notified the Ninety-Ninth Constitutional (Amendment) Act and the National Judicial Appointments Commission Act, thus ending the over two-decade-old collegium system of appointing judges of Supreme Court and high courts which gave excellent historical judgement

The notification bringing the provisions of the new law into force was issued by Justice Secretary Kusumjit Sidhu.

Under the new law, a six-member panel –
National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) – headed by the Chief Justice of India and which will include two senior-most Supreme Court judges,
Union Minister of Law and Justice and two “eminent persons” nominated by a committee comprising the Prime Minister, CJI and Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha or leader of the largest opposition party in the Lok Sabha will select judges of the apex court and state high courts.

Already many petitions are filed in the SC of India regarding this NJAC which will make and give the full control of Judges in the hands of Politicians just like CBI and police department

Supreme Court Advocate-on-Record Association, NGO Change India, Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL), Bar Association of India and others had moved the court challenging the NJAC route of appointment

The Constitutionality of the NJAC is already the subject matter of a bunch of petitions which will be taken up for hearing by a Constitution Bench of the SC on April 15.

Let us hope Supreme Court of India will declare this law against the Constitution of India and will maintain and keep the Judiciary and Judges free from the hands of corrupt politicians or religious politicians.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Unknown April 15, 2015  

Ouch. This does not sound good.