24 March 2015

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Watch the Documentary the Plastic Cow before it gets banned in India

Watch the Documentary the Plastic Cow before it gets banned in India

In India, one of the most striking images is the cow wandering on the road. In cities, towns and villages numerous cows and bulls sit or wander peacefully, settling down to chew the cud. It gives the impression of a society living together peacefully with animals. The holy cow, the Mother of India is revered by all and, in most states, is not allowed to be slaughtered.

The Plastic Cow Documentary, made by Kunal Vohra from Altair films  with inputs from activists, toxicologists, government authorities, householders, students, journalists, etc.

A 34-minute documentary about animal rights, Cow and Plastic Bags which we use and discard carelessly every day Not only are these bags a huge environmental threat, they end-up in the stomachs of cows, who, either because they've been discarded because they're not milking at the time or because the dairy owner is unwilling to look after them, have to fend for themselves and forage for food, which, like other scavengers, they find in community garbage dumps.

Owing to their complex digestive systems, these bags, which they consume whole for the food they contain, get trapped inside their stomachs forever and, eventually, lead to painful death. The film is also a comment on the religious hypocrisy of the cult of the holy cow.

The Plastic Cow activists filed a case in the Supreme Court of Delhi, for animal’s rights and the complete ban of plastic bags.

M/s VSPCA, Vishakapatnam, M/s Karuna Society for Animals and Nature, Puttaparthi, and three individuals Pradeep Nath, Clementien Pauws and Rukmini Sekhar are the litigants in this case supported by Senior Lawyer for Supreme Court Shyam Divan and assisted by Pratap Venugopal.

The respondents in this case are the Central Government and all the States of India, through their Animal Husbandry Departments, including the Animal Welfare Board of India.

 While there may be a couple of cases pending asking for a total ban on plastic bags as an environmentally hazardous pollutant, this team has specifically filed it as an animal rights litigation.

This is clearly a case of the state violating its own laws where the Constitution guarantees the right to life to all living beings and yet, the plastic bag issue is not being either monitored or implemented by the state.

The petitioners sought following the directions from the court:
1-Prohibit or phase out in a time-bound manner open garbage disposal system and remove open garbage receptacles

2-Implement door-to-door garbage collection and prevent animals from moving around garbage storage facilities

3-Municipalities must segregate all plastic waste from other waste

4-States must issue directions prohibiting use, sale and disposal of plastic bags in all municipal areas Provide animal shelters and treat cows and other animals suffering from stomach ache due to ingestion of plastic.

Watch the documentary The Plastic Cow

Why it may get banned?

If any cow loving religious organization demands ban and says that it shows India badly to outsiders, it will reduce Indian Tourism and many more reasons.

The documentary will not get banned but it may anything is possible in India regarding Bans, India is a country of bans

Cow is mother
Cow is holy
But what about the rights of Cow,  our mother
Don’t love or care for own parents
How they will love Cow, the mother
If love Cow
If Cow is your mother
If Cow is Holy 
Then Ban the Plastic Bags immediately 
same way as Indian Government bans other documentaries or books 

Its fight for the animal rights not only Cow all the animals.

I think this documentary will not get banned Very few Indians are aware about this documentary about Cow,  animal right  fight, this documentary showing the truth  that is most important reason to tile the post like this  Watch the Documentary the Plastic Cow before it gets banned in India

But remember India is a magical country anything is possible
Ban is fundamental right for few  and majority follow without debate and reasoning

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Renu March 24, 2015  

So many people have tried to say the same thing but do we listen..I am myself fed up of telling it to my maid and family ..not to use plastic and nevr throw eatables in a plastic bag.

Sandhya March 24, 2015  

I have noticed cows and dogs eating food along with the plastic bags. If some sort of severe punishment is announced, nobody will stop using plastic. Or some strong local leader should take charge to address this problem, like one IAS officer did in Nagercoil. I did a post on it long back. Even now, people over there don't use plastic bags, I was told.

Destination Infinity March 24, 2015  

This is a big issue. Throwing of plastics and chemicals in the dumps. This will not only affect cows, but will also affect us in the long run. High time we realize this and move away from plastics and chemicals.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 27, 2015  

And we buy milk in plastic pouches !!
Organic solvents like methyl alcohol can breakdown polythene. But who cares ?