24 March 2015

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RTI activist exposes Rs. 1.87 Crore toll Plaza scam in Bangalore

RTI activist exposes Rs. 1.87 Crore toll Plaza scam in Bangalore

An RTI application from P a Burge exposed Rs. 1.87 Crore toll scam in Bangalore toll plaza

P a Burge filed an RTI application and in his application stated that he wants to know the reasons for which the user fee was being charged at Rs 20 and Rs 40 whereas it should have been Rs 15 and Rs 35 respectively.

After this application a surprise check was carried out Hattargi user fee plaza which showed the commuters were charged extra.

Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad in his order stated following
"The respondent stated that the issue of imposing penalty for excess collection toll fee by toll collecting agency has been taken up with NHAI Headquarters and an amount of Rs 1.827 crore has been recovered for the same. The excess amount of toll fee collected by the agency has also been refunded to NHAI by the toll collecting agency,"

Appellant’s RTI application made the officials of the NHAI to investigate into the matter and to stop the excess collection of user fee from passengers

What happened in this case?

Daylight fraud or Scam was revealed by Application?

No Jail Punishment for anyone?

Under whose directions the toll plaza was collecting extra amount?

Does anyone is responsible to check and maintain that how much money the Toll Plaza collects?

Thousands of questions if one thinks he can ask after this Toll Scam

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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