10 February 2015

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Reasons Why BJP Lost Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Reasons Why BJP Lost Delhi Assembly Elections 2015
AAP leader Ashutosh-
Arvind Kejriwal will take oath as Delhi Chief Minister on February 14 or 15 or 16 at Ramlila Maidan: 

Following are the reasons BJP lost Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Arvind Kejriwal is the number one honest Indian Citizen and BJP kept saying and using bad words towards Number one honest Indian Citizen Arvind Kejriwal now and then on every opportunity

AK said sorry to Delhi residents whenever he got chance regarding his resignation

AK stayed simple just like a common man like you and me

Which Indian Politician you know who resigned from the post of CM

Which Indian Politician you know who said sorry publicly for his mistake

Only a Honest Man Can do that and Result is AK defeated BJP and Congress

AK did not said a single bad word against Kiran Bedi, he refereed her as his Didi

In Lok Sabha Elections BJP promised many things but what happened to that
Where is Black Money?
Where is Rs. 15 Lakh for each Indian?

Change in Land Law

Using Ordinance after Ordinance to pass law

Where is Lokpal?

No Promise on Statehood for Delhi
Once in past BJP promised that

Late Entry of Kiran Bedi into Party

Not Discussing about Development agenda for Delhi

Not Stopping Conversion programs or not taking any action

Not taking any action to protect Churches in Delhi

Not giving any solution for Water problems of Delhi

Not giving any solution for Electricity problems of Delhi

Not stopping leaders or organization who tried to make a hero from killer

Not publicly opposing strictly comments like produce more babies

Not Supporting PK Movie

Not revealing names of the black money account holders

BJP forgot the power of social media

People started to feel that BJP is shifting focus from development to hindutva agenda

Delayed Assembly Elections and wasted time

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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chary February 10, 2015  

Wise decision from Delhi people.

rudraprayaga February 12, 2015  

Degrading a person will do no good to anyone.People will measure the people who abuse others in undesirable terms. Ground level campaigning will move the minds.
The losers should learn lessons now.