29 January 2015

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Mumbai Newspaper Editor Arrested for printing Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Mumbai Newspaper Editor Arrested for printing Charlie Hebdo cartoon

"Shireen Dalvi, who is the editor of Awadhnama, a local Urdu daily has been arrested on charges of reprinting a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed originally published by French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, which was attacked by terrorists in Paris early this month.

Dalvi's newspaper had in its January 17 edition, carried the image printed on the Charlie Hebdo cover issue.

After that one Ali did not like that and he filed a complaint against it to Mumbai Police complaining that Awadhnama had published the controversial image which hurt the religious sentiments here and create enmity among different communities.

After that police took the action arrested the editor of newspaper and later on Court granted him bail.

Terrorist who murdered the people in Paris also did not like the Cartoon and they also wanted that no one should publish Cartoon so to create fear they murdered people.

But freedom of expression is more important than life or Jail with such great thinking and backing of laws, French Constitution and French Government they continued their job without any fear they died for the right of  freedom of expression

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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